Saturday, July 01, 2006

The Sick as a Dog Days

Well, we are hoping that in the month of July we stay healthy more sickness and that we get out of PGN for good. That would be awesome. Kya got sick yesterday morning and I had to call the DR. she is fine now so I guess it was an upset stomach. She slept throught the whole night last night, from 11pm to 9am. We have alot of friends coming down for the 4th of July.

OK I know I posted this picture last time but I did not have the right caption...I can't believe I didn't see it myself...but as Kya's Aunt La La pointed out..that is the same pose and movement Shawn makes about every 2 minutes trying to pop his I am really cracking up because I told Shawn she was going to grow up doing that move he does it so much.

H-e-l-l-o MOM what are you thinkin not getting in with me.

I still love my toys even when I just threw up my breakfast. My Aunt La La (Alicia) bought me this duck and it vibrates when you pull it...She wants me to put it in her mouth and pull it like 100 times...thanks alot Alica..haha

Wanted to show Aunt Brandi and Jakob his outfit..he did not get to wear because not only was he a boy but he is ALL BOY..except for the Dora Shoes. Also in the pictures are the flowers that were sent from the hotel as a get well to us gift!

Eating my dragon fly...tastes like chicken!!!

Ok MOM I am really getting discusted with you not getting in here..I mean this is totally BORING!!!

Hi ME ME...Pa Pa likes all my attention but this one is for you...Just get the duct tape out if he complains about it.

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Sandy said...

Hope you two stay healthy. Speaking of tasting like chicken, ask Holly to tell you the frog leg story from when we were kids.