Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Rollie Pollie Ollie...Oh wait that's Kya Blu

Kya is up to NEW tricks.....she can now Roll Over and she Loves it...she is so proud of her self....Her favorite place to roll at is on the bathroom floor....silly girl..By the way these pics are totally out of order.

This should be 3rd...Almost there...I have to do all of this with my Hand in my helps me get going haha...kind of like a key in the ignition

This should be I am on my back...checking to see if Uniqua has a fever...hehe

This picture should be second....starting the turn around the bend...

Oh my Gosh I did it mom...did you see...did you see...

Boy am I good or what...that was pretty Cool....Now how am I going to get Off my Tummy?

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PaPa Murnan said...

Kya is now showing the world what I have been saying from her birth...she is not only beautiful but also GIFTED!
What a blessing for our family she and Caleb and Jakob are. The boys can't wait to get their hands on her so they can let her see just how much we all love her.