Friday, July 07, 2006

All Giggles for Erin....little stinker!

This is just the beginning of Giggle Fest 2006. These are the pictures off of my camera. My batteries went dead so i started using Holly and Julia's more to come. We had a ton of company today...the regulars Holly and Gia...and Julia and her children Mac 13, Erin 11, John Bryan. They are from NORTH Carolina (between my hubby and me I am learning the differance between North and South Carolina). KYA LOVED ERIN...and Erin loved Kya too. Erin held her most all day....they played and played. Erin was so excited because Gia loves Mac so she was so glad to have a baby love her the most. Kya the STINKER...would not smile or laugh if she saw the I would hide it then take it out really fast to get a shot. Kya looked Stinkin cute as the outfit Holly and Gia gave her. Thanks Erin for all the love and attention you gave Kya Blu today...You and Mac are Fantastic Kids.

Laughing...she is not looking at the camera...............

Not laughing....I got caught with the camera...see little stinker!

Erin would throw her head back and say Oh Kya Blu...I guess it was quite funny to her!

Kya is saying "Hey Erin can you come play everyday?"

Its a good thing Kya had a diaper on...She was laughing so hard she would have had a wet lap! this is my favorite Picture of the day.

Kodak Moment!

Hey mom look at all this company....this is great!

Kya and Erin meet for the first time...Erin has been following Kya's blog for a while now.

Oh mommy I don't want Erin to go home today!

This is the first time Erin said anything to Ky Ky...I grabed the Camera...I have been waiting on some less serious Kya Pictures.

Erin's mom Julia seeing Kya for the 1st time in 6 weeks...


The McKenzie Crew said...

Kya Blu we love you TOO!! Erin will ove the pictures in the morning. How cool is it that our kis have these wonderful memories when they grow up! Erin wants to move to the Marriott to be closer to her buddy Kya! Thanks Candy for making today a special day for our family!I am glad to be back here in Guatemala with you guys! You me and Holly - The Three Amigos!!!!!!!

Kya's Daddy said...

KyKy, looks like BOO taught you how to put on a pouting face.

Waiting For Baby! said...

I can not get over how cute she is! Love the hair bows too. I have about 54 thus far, for our little girl - wherever she may be.

erin said...

I absolutly LOVE Kya Blu!!!!!!!!!!!
Hopefully I'll see yall on Monday!
I was so lucky to meet all of my Mom's Guatamala frinds! Don't let Kya get any cuter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!