Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Kya Your All That...Girlfriend!

This is my all time FAVORITE picture of Miss Kya Blu. Her Daddy did a great job taking the picture...I can't wait to get home and frame it
Two Bed Bugs!...sneeky daddy took this one too!
Kya's "Kate Hudson look" shirt that BK and MeMe picked out for her...So Almost Famous
Oh Boy, another of Mommies Favorite Pictures...Kya saying Oh daddy I love you SOOOO much!
Too much action for this littel chick a dee....
Am I stylin or what....somebody call VOUGE!


Kya's Daddy said...

This is also my all time favorite pic of my doodle know what all time means------4 months. I am such a daddy.

PaPa Murnan said...

Kudos to Kya's mommy for getting these pixs posted for all of us to enjoy. We SO want you girls to hurry and get home. Love ya both.