Monday, July 17, 2006

ANTIGUA the adventure!

On July 13th we took a day trip to was interesting...We went to a weaving factory...where we were dressed in traditional Mayan cloths. We saw the coffee plantations and the volcanos. We went to Fredia's to eat lunch. Then we did what I do best SHOP....we bought some Art for our Master Suite at home. We were pretty tired by the end of the day....but Kya did great it was here first time to ride strapped in a car seat and she never even fussed. The woman at the weaving factory but her in a mayan wrap and fed her a bottle. She is a great little travler.

Kya hanging out on Me Me lap while me and daddy finish Shopping! I think she may be the apple of her Me Me's eye!

What a awesome view....Lots of cobble stone streets and stucco.

This is one of the paitings we bought and the artist who painted it...this is what all of Antigua looks like...bright colored buildings, cobble stone streets and Volcanos.

This is the farming land outside of the city.....I am so glad I am not a farmer here...they still use horses and donkeys to farm on these crazy hills...YIKES!

Here is one of the Volcanos...with the red hot lava pouring out!

a typical day for a mayan girl....toting a baby in a mayan wrap with a basket on her head full of textiles or produce.

If you know me very well you will know how important this sign is to me....I now know where all the restrooms are in Antigua....hehe

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