Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Yankee Doodle Dandy...A Guatemalan 4th of July

Its a grand ole Flag, it's a high fyling flag and forever in peace may it wave; it's the emblem of the land we love, the home of the free and the brave. We missed America today...that's for sure. You would never have known today was the 4th of July (Independance Day) here in Guatemala if it weren't for the 30 Guatemalan tots sporting the RED, WHITE, AND BLUE. We hung out with Holly and Gia all day. Our friend Julia, who bought the matching outfits, did not get to come--her little boy John Bryan is not feeling well. We missed them. We had a very relaxing and funny day. I think Holly and I are getting even more Loco than we already are...we pretty much laughed all day, mostly at ourselves. We also met alot of new families today..which is always fun. Our translator, Marium, also stoped by to visit us, which was a nice suprise. I would like to say a special CONGRATULATIONS to Lisa and Bella who flew home to America today.....we will miss you!

Miss New Jersey and Miss Oklahoma 2026!!! All we want is WORLD PEACE and to get the heck out of Dodge and to the USA

Holly's favorite picture of Kya Blu!

I missed ya I missed ya now I'm going to KISS YA!

Normally I would not post such a bad picture of me but you can see how much we were cracking up today here....Holly can't believe the amount of Food I can put away...so she took a picture for proof....I told her my family would crack up and she should come to my grandma's if she wanted to see me REALLY PUT IT AWAY...especially FRIED POTATOES!

Another Picture stolen from dahollygshow site...My multi tasking...I am part monkey you know...or part "brown family" as Holly call's it...hehehe

Mommy's Little "BOO" from Monster's INC...again mommy cheesing and Kya all serious!

Passed Out...from all the fun...or maybe it was the 10oz of milk she drank in one hour....I think we are in a growth spurt!

Seriously mom two bows at once now...you've got to be kidding me....

Holly and Gia gave me these hair accessories...because if you can believe it my mom did not bring 4th of July hair bows!

What the heck is " Big Bird" singing Old Mac Donald for....No wonder my mom bought me this singing Duck he has lips like Steven Tyler....to bad he can't play a harmonica.

Kya's "Auntie in Guatemala" Velveth the manager here at the Hotel.

Soon to be an America Baby....hopefully VERY SOON!

The Bobsey Twins...I love this picture of the Girls! Watch out Gia, Kya looks to be catching up with you in size...in this picture anyway.

Daddy's Star!....we know he will love the pig tails.

True Blu, baby I love you!


Holly G. said...

We had soooo much fun today. I hope we don't get you kicked out of the Marriott!!!

notorious1 said...

Nice site and excellent subject matter:) We miss you and cant wait to hug and kiss the new addition to the family...she has her mom's smile for sure:)

If it takes any longer you will be holding a sign on the street that says "Will Work For Food", lol. Love you and keep us up on what's happening.


aka Kya's favorite uncle and Nellie's favorite husband.

Waiting For Baby! said...

How long did you wait to be referred to Kya Blu when you signed with ATWA? Do you like working with them and were they happy to have you foster Kya?