Thursday, November 29, 2007


Katie posted the cutest video EVER... or so I think on her BLOG of Kya's Little Man and her best bud Ari watching her videos...Mom you will love this!
Ok Katie, Girl this just adds fuel to my FIRE...we have to make it out to visit you all soon. We love your family so much!

Work in Progress

Ok I started the list of BLOGS I read before I left and have not had time to add more...So I hope to get them all added by the end of next week. Please let me know if you want your BLOG on the list! I have also been working on a Slide Show of our Thanksgiving trip...but I think I took to many pictures or something...HAHA...hope to have that done tomorrow. Why can't I get anything done word for you KYA...and two other words FIT THROWER. She has been a PILL for sure! You can see by her ATTITUDE in these pictures.

This pretty much sums this post up...this is SO Kya Blu...or should I say Bra Bra's Kya Blu ( see story below pictures to explain this)

What my daughter likes to do in OLD NAVY...just makeing sure the screws are in place MOM

How Kya sat her picnic table before bed the other night

So two cute stories...Kya Blu has a few little FRIEND FANS herself. First my friend Katie her son Bra Bra...has a BIG OLE CRUSH on Miss Kya Blu. He wants to watch her video all day and says My Kya Bwuu....Hope you get this on Video Katie!

Second my friend Jana's daugher Jenna likes to name all her family memebers...Momma, daddy, Bubby, Arron, Avery, and Kya we are laughing not sure if she thinks she is Kya Blu since they look alike..or since they look alike she thinks she is her sister...either way its too funny!

We love both of these families like the are happy there Kids feel the same way about Kya Blu

Monday, November 26, 2007

Oh Bubby Its OK Sissy is right here

Here is a VIDEO...It shows how much Kya LOVES Bubby and she was such a LITTLE MOMMY to him it was so sweet!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

I am the BIG SISTER NOW!!!

We made it to GUATEMALA and everything is going WONDERFUL...we are all loseing 10lbs looking after two Guate Tots now. Daddy and Bubby had a very special love at first glance relationship. Kya and Pepe rekindled there LOVE too. We had a great dinner at Montano's and then came back to the room and got to visit with Cristal and meet her son. Today we met with they people who are handling our case and we also had our family picture taken for our Christmas Cards. We had Thanksgiving Lunch here at the Westin where we got to meet Cameo and V...V is such a beautiful girl and we were really happy to get to see them. Tonight we went to dinner with Maria and Pepe again and it was AWESOME. Kya and Bubby are doing great together she thinks that he is HER baby and she touches him and says AWWW baby. He is facinated and scared of her at the same boy!
Here are a few Pictures for now...loads more to come...check out Bubby's BLOG for more pictures of him.

Oh Pepe I have been waiting a WHOLE YEAR to look into your eyes again

Eat your heart our GIRLS Because he is ALL MINE...and he thinks my boots are sexy!

Kya going in for a KISS

Let me touch him to see if he is REAL

Ok Maria I will share Pepe with you because you are so much fun and I love you Lots and Lots!

Glass table new place to hang out ON
Daddy with his two children for the first time....see Bubby is not taking his eyes off his Daddy
Bubby thinking UUUAAA Mommy are you really handing me to this little Manic with the WILD hair
I so LOVE this can already tell how much they are loving each other
Kya's new FAV FOOD Corn on the bad its not this good in the USA

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Together at LAST

In just a FEW short hours Kya Blu will meet her baby brother for the first time! We are all So excited about tomorrow we can not even sleep. Happy Thanksgiving you all of you!

Our Daughter

Our Son

Oh and Kya Blu will also get to be in her beloved Pepe's arms tomorrow as well...stay tuned for pictures of them together!

Monday, November 19, 2007

The Brave Turkey can say Bubbles

Katie this is for you because I am always in TROUBLE for not posting VIDEO of Miss is my CLIMBER that has no FEAR! Maria and PePe get ready because here we come and you will have your hands on Kya in 2days....Hugs

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Man those ELFS sure look like the MURNAN CLAN

Please Check out our Holiday Message...Just for you... Straight from the North Pole....The Murnan Clan Elfes....want to ROCK out with you this CHRISTMAS
Hey, I just made a total elf of myself. Check it out by clicking the link below.
I kinda stole this from my good friend Kerri's Blog
you can go there to see her holiday ELF Family

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Going to Daddy's Bonfire in my Lil Guatemalan Sweater

So we had a pretty big SCARE with Miss Kya Blu this week...and spent the night in the ER when she had a 106 fever. She has a chest infection and is doing much better now. Tonight we went to Daddy's Work Training for his employees and got to have a bon fire and SMORES...Kya was so cute and had a blast. She got to play with her friend Ava and meet ZEKE...whom she loved at first site????
MOUTH FULL....she would do this so her hands would be empty so she could get another Marsh mellow...
The Stay Puff Marsh mellow Man...Oh wait that's Kya's Boyfriend of the night Zeke...Kya well she was all about him...Zeke you are AWESOME especially when you are handing over the MARSH MELLOWS.
Hey Daddy thanks for inviting us to your WORK PARTY...we had a BLAST
GOT to love the hood on this sweater
I got this Sweater for Kya in Guatemala...I love it! It reminds me of all the little kids you see there walking on the streets and when you look at see your own child looking back at you...adoption such an AWESOME way to build a family
Ava Flava
Daddy and the Doodle
The MURNAN CLAN minus ONE...Mommy showing her GUATEMALAN PRIDE with the BLUE and the Guatemalan Scarf
JT, Cara, and Ava...Ava and Kya are 10 days apart and just love each other
Told you...Miss Thang you missed out...CODE MESSAGE
Chillin with the GANG
Micheal playing with Kya and Ava

Getting ready to go out to the BON FIRE for SMORES
Just like TELLY Monster on Sesame Street...this girl loves her a good TRIANGLE and a POOL STICK
HOLA Maria and Pepe...yes I am back to spending time on top of Pool Tables...and Yes my mom keeps handing me this #13 ball???
Not so THRILLED!!!
My ARTIST with her IS EL...teaching Aunt LaLa how to draw
My Little Bagabon....going out to see the Christmas lights they put on our house...wearing her Eskimo Joes St Pattys Tshirt with her last year EJ Christmas Sweatshirt , her Ugg boots and the hat Carroll's Grannie made her....what a HOOT

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


What has Miss Kya Blu been up to???....UP is the word to focus on in that question. She is a TOTAL CLIMBER. She CLIMBS everything in site. She has no fear even when she falls. There is no keeping her in her crib and mommy it TIRED because of that. I took Kya to the mall today to CLIMB on toys she is suppose to climb on but we had to leave because she got a fever. Please check out Bubby's Blog for PROGRESS on his case. Hugs

I am just hanging out her here looking CUTE...really don't I look innocent and sweet???
Hi way am I going for your LAP TOP over there....remember I am sweet and innocent lil oh Kya Blu...your huggie bear
I have to hurry up here while mommy is out of the room....
OH CRAP I have been Caught in MID CLIMB
Don't worry a bit mom I am just cooking the GINGERBREAD MEN on my BOOTY...that's all really it has to be done

Friday, November 09, 2007

Forever Family Day November 1st 2007

What a wild ride this last year has been...let me tell you one thing I have no memory of my life with out Kya Blu. I really can't believe its been a year. Kya is such a blessing to everyone that is in her life. She is the reason for so many smiles and giggles in our home. She is a REAL PIECE OF WORK! She is bossing...excuse me, I mean talking more and more each day. She is a total Climber and loves to climb out of her crib and pretty much destroy the house. She climbs on her kitchen stove and in her refrigerator. She still LOVES her toys especially the Kitchen daddy bought her and her Sleepy time stuffed animals Bunny and Puppy. Her favorite TV shows right now are Dora, Yo gabba gabba, Jacks big music show and her most favorite right now MAX AND RUBY...which we are fixing to live out very soon in our own lives...see the last 3 pictures. She would rather drink than eat right now. She loves Milk, OJ, Strawberry Lemonade and water. She loves all fruit, and Pasta. She is EXTREMELY outgoing and loves kids and makes friends easy. She pretty much walks in anywhere and says Hi and goes right up to people to try to get them to play. Now she can throw a FIT with the best of them and he favorite word when she is mad is NINE...a combo she created of NO and MINE. She loves to Go Go Go and we pretty much have to leave the house at least once a day...because she drags me and her shoes to the back door saying go go go. Speaking of shoes..she is a TOTAL shoe girl and when we go in a shoe store she get so excited and starts shaking and saying WOW WOW WOW...its too cute. We have never been happier as we are being parents to this sweet and rotten DOODLE BUG!

Our First time on US soil...Nov 1st 2006 at the Houston Airport....Here I come people you better get ready I am a FEISTY little MESS!
First time SOONER FAN Nov 2nd 2006
Testing out her crib for the first time Nov 2nd 2006
Home ONE YEAR and going Banana's Miss Monkey Shine Blu
Yes Its true its been a WHOLE YEAR...Kya Blu we love you so much...we can not ever imagine our life before you. You have SO many of us wrapped around your little finger. What a blessing it is to get to spend time with this little Angel!
A sleepy Halloween 2007
Halloween 2006...Off to the Embassy

What do you get for the Princess that has everything as a Forever Family Day Gift???? How about a Baby Brother...introducing Kya's new baby Brother
Hey Sis thanks for letting me make an appearance on your Famous Blog...I feel like a celebrity already!
Please dear lord...make this my easygoing rug rat.... love mommy Amen!
Happy Forever Family day Kya Blu...I can't wait until next year when I am home and can celebrate it with you...Maybe Daddy will get me a baby sister...hehehehehe...Don't have a heart attack honey I am only kidding!
Here is the link to Brother's BLOG! Enjoy!