Thursday, May 31, 2007

A tribute to Kya Blu's First Friends...We love and miss you all!!!

Please come along with me and meet some of my first freinds...most all of them are guatemalan like me. My Mommy and me really had the best time last summer getting to meet all of you. I wish you all could come over for a playdate. Maybe we can talk our mom's and dad's into taking us all to DISNEY WORLD together sometime.
Please meet all my first friends...I met them this time last year. My Mommy and me love all of our friends and we think of you all often
Jana, Jenna, Candy and Kya Blu
Marriot Baby Room Friends
Kya Blu and Bella

Judy and Izabel
Arianna, Kya Blu and Riley
John and Aiden Micheal
Gabby, Jenna and Kya Blu

Cindy, Celeste, Matt, and Jacob
Kya and Elara
Cabby, Stephaine and Maya Grace from TX

Lunch with Lisa and her friends that were fostering in Antigua
Glenna, Lyn, and Mia
Kya's First Bday Party
Jared and Ayden Micheal

Kya, the famous ANIMAL, and Gia
Oliver and Kya Blu
Candy, Kya Blu, Velveth, and Sophia
Dr Montiel and Kya Blu

Maya Grace from Jersey and Kya Blu

Bonnie and Ally
The GANG...

Maria and Samuel-Candy and Kya Blu-Holly and Gia Gia Pizzaria- Julia and John Brian
Elle and Kya Blu
David and Joshua
Sean, Ellen, and Dylan

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Little Drummer Girl the Shopaholic

Well we had a very fun night when we meet Nana and Auntie Carroll for some shopping. They had not seen me in over a week and they really showed the love...I got a TON of Kisses and even some Clothes and TOYS!

My friend Adam...worked over this picture of Kya Blu for me and I want to say THANK YOU...WE LOVE IT!!! What is so funny is that she was wearing a Watermellon Shirt...little did we know she was going to be our Watermellon Queen...thats all she wants to eat now!
I love being escorted in my TARGET carriage...over there, I want to go in that store next
Thank you Nana for my New Throne...I mean chair and thanks Auntie Carroll for my new movie
I REALLY love this picture...Kya is looking at Nana with so much love in those big brown eyes

Well YEE HA Minnie Pearl
Finally a Hat I love
Take a good look mom, because I am fixin to take it off
Smart Girl...she can alreaedy read I guess...HAHA
Just dreaming of my best friend DAX...Hey Dax I got a new ball for us to play with.

DRUM STICKS...get ready for me to play...WIPE OUT
Every Queen needs a drum to beat on
What the heck??? There is stuff in this drum
Hey Mom we have to get the lid off of here
Can you do this trick???

Blogger news I missed while we were gone
Kerri and Ruby made it home

WOOO HOOO Lou and Anne Pearce are OUT of PGN !!!
A litte friend of mine SANDY is out of PGN and coming home to her wonderful family soon.
Please Pray
that Mommy2B gets wonderful news on Kenzie Dallas's adoption and congrats on Kylie's adoption
A friend of mine is fostering TWINS by herself.
Natalie is over due with Bella.
And a few who need to get into PGN
Eloisa needs to get into PGN
Dawn needs to get her little handsome boy home from Haiti and for Julia and Ronaldo to be declared abandondened so they can restart with there case ASAP
These two ladies are fostering there girls and need to get back into PGN ASAP

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Memorial Day 2007

Here is a little slide show from our Memorial Day Texas Holiday.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Wastin away again in Margaritaville...lookin for my lost shaker of salt

This will be my last post for this week...we are going on another mini vacation. These pictures are from a Margaritaville party we went to at the Golf Club over the weekend. There are also pictures of Kya in her Guatemalan Dress...Maria you will love these. CONGRATS to Maria and Pepe on there new home....I LOVE IT!!!

Jimmy Buffet this ones for you!
A great picture if I could keep my mouth shut...uggg
Mouth shut...but where is the top of Nana's head?
All ready to PARTY and DANCE...My Favorite dance is Ring around the Rosie
Kya means the SEA in Hawaiian
Kya and her Grandpa Charlie
The Cheese Fries are on there way to the table...I am a HAPPY GIRL

Oh yes people, I know I am Beyond Beautiful in my Guatemalan Dress
Oh NO MOMMY...don't make me touch the grass with my bare feet
Mariella and Angelica...Mariella is our dear friend and she helps me with the house. Angelica LOVES her!!!