Friday, July 21, 2006

Kya Blu and Pablo....he is blu too!

Guess who is collecting BACKYARDIGANS.....oh yea thats right its The Kya Blu Whoo.....and WOO HOO she now has Pablo too....Thanks Nana...We Love you!

Hey Pablo did you here I am the new ALL STAR of Guatemalan Soccer and they just added hair bows to there uniforms....hehe

What did you say? Oh you already read that in my Mommy's US magazine.....COOL!

Another BOY kissing least this one is already STUFFED....Daddy did not have to STUFF him for stealing my kisses!

Check out the Beak on this BIRD!

Kya going in for a smooch.....on the BIRD.....

OR...maybe a bite on the beak....mommy get your toes out of the picture...haha

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PaPa Murnan said...

I don't know so much about these "Back Yard" guys but your PaPa will introduce you to the real world of cartoons with Mickey, Donald, Porky, and Roadrunner. Boy will we have fun watching those guys.