Saturday, December 30, 2006

No No Aunt Cassie not 4 hair bows at one time!!!!

The Day After Christmas....Cassie and I tried to do a little photo shoot with our girls. Cassie fixed Kya's hair so cute in FOUR pony tails. We had a great time with Cassie and Troy Boy....Oh and BOYS....WE RULE AT U-KER

Kya is in her POINTING stage now....She is saying let me tell you something it was not easy being still while FOUR that's right people FOUR hair bows were installed in my hair.
Ok I am totally crying about this picture...WHERE IS MY LITTLE BABY and WHO IS THIS BIG GIRL? Kya Blu sitting on Carly Daye's lap.
Take ONE
Take TWO...Kya says I am OUTTA HERE!!!

Take FOUR....not perfect but let me tell you it will work!!! Me, Kya Blu, Aunt Cassie and Carly...all wrapped up in PINK AND BROWN

Christmas The Never Ending Story

We celebrated Christmas at our own home this year and we really enjoyed it and Kya hammed it up for her audience and the video camera. I cooked my very first Christmas dinner which turned out to be very good. Kya loved all her presents and really has the unwrapping thing down pat. I really want to thank all my friends and family that shared this day with was really special and we will never forget our first Christmas with Kya Blu.

OH SANTA....YOU ROCK...I love all the presents you got for me!!! Thanks to you, your reindeer and all your elves

Two Red Barns in one day

Kya thought that Grandpa Teel's cane was one of her Santa presents too!

I could do some damage with this thing
Shawn and Charlie Yakking it up about G O L F!!!
Dinner is the way this is our first dinner at our dinning room table since we moved into this house too. Lots of FIRSTS this year!
Three bites of sweet potatoes and ZZZZZZZZZZ....she was OUT!!!
I guess she could not find her she used bunny's hand

I love this picture!!! Grandpa you will never know how much it meant to me that you spent this Christmas with us.
Let me tell you something Grandpa...I saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause underneath the mistletoe last night
Kya and Auntie Carroll....they are making the same face
My Mom made this baby doll crib for Kya came complete with her very own Cabbage Patch Zoe...well Kya tossed poor Zoe aside and climbed on in herself.
Aunt Cassie and Uncle Troy came over to stay Christmas night with us and Kya was showing Miss Carly who was the Boss of the Tent...

Friday, December 29, 2006

Kya meets her Grandpa Kerby

Happy 6th Anniversary Mommy and Daddy
On December 23rd, which is our 6th marriage anniversary, we took Kya Blu to meet her Grandpa Kerby. We had a ceremony for my Pa and we presented him with his brothers medals from the war. His brother died in the war and they just now found his belongings. It was a great day getting to introduce Kya to another side of my family. That night we went to Sho-gun to celebrate our anniversary.

Hi Grandpa Kerby....It's so nice to finally meet you

Cuddles for Grandpa Kerby

My cousin Dustin is very silly

My Pa already nicknamed me DIMPLES!!!
My Mommy's Bubby giving me Hugs
My Brother Clint and his wife Mick with Kya Blu
Let me tell you somethings about your dad Tallon....first of all he dances like a white boy, second he can't make Catsup streach, and third one time he put sweet breath in his eye instead of eye drops....Tallon is Kya's Cousin he is 3 years old Our neighbors Jan and Randy came over to spend Christmas Eve with us. This is there daughter Savanna and Kya Blu wearing her 1st Santa hat.

Sunday, December 24, 2006

The Best Christmas EVER...Once Upon a be continued

There are really no words to describe the feelings and emotions that Shawn and I have in our hearts this Christmas. My Wonderful Husband finally has his family home with him...after the sacrifice he made all because of the love in his heart for his beautiful daughter. I finally have the baby girl I have always dreamed of. We are a FAMILY and it is an amazing feeling. We started our Christmas Season with one heck of a Christmas Party at our home. My Family all came here on Friday night and we had the best time. Although the war was on...haha...the war of who gets to hold Kya the most. We ate dinner, played games, exchanged presents, and watched the WIGGLES. Are we the only family watching the WIGGLES as a form of Christmas entertainment this year? I want to thank everyone for coming and for making Kya feel like the queen of the ball. She had the best time and guess what, she went to bed at midnight and did not wake up until 10am....a great nights sleep for all of us. I dressed Kya in My First Christmas Dress and she looked and acted like a little doll baby. Kya Blu you and your smile are the best Christmas gifts we have ever received and you alone made all our Christmas wishes come true.

Kya Blu sporting her Mommy's first Christmas dress!

Snowmen melt my heart

A Christmas Wish Come True

Santa I have been a VERY GOOD LITTLE ANGEL this year

Paige Lynn holding Kya Blu....Paige Lynn is wearing a shirt I gave her and looking very cute in it....Yes I love Paige Lynn so much I want to wack her for being so stinking cute..hehe...I really used to be that cute too and it's not fair.

Grandpa Charlie and Kya Blu....
I love you Grandpa Charlie
Grandma sneaking in for some Kya Blu Sugar
Grandma holding her two new great granddaughter's..Kya Blu and Dora the Explorer
Paige Lynn sneaking in for some Kya Kisses...Oh to be 16 again. Paige Lynn I am so excited your favorite color is starting to be orange and that you are as bossy as me...I am very proud of you sweetheart.

Our Happy Family
Nana, Kya, and Mommy
Me with 2 of my dads...JD and Charlie
Grandma, Kya Blu and Mommy
Kya Blu Angelica, Grandma, and Grandpa JD

Hot Potato Hot Potato....Smash Banana Smash Banana
We told everyone about THE WIGGLES TRANCE...I am not sure the believed us so we showed them. Shawn started the WIGGLES and Kya Flipped her head around...and WIGGLE ZONED
My Cousins Erin and Dana with Kya Blu...I have pictures of them holding me in my first Christmas dress my first Christmas.

A present just for me?
UGG this is a heavy one...can I get a hand over here?
ICK....from baby Mozart...thanks so much Erin, Kim, and Sarah
Oh they have finally come to there senses and are letting me tear up paper
Did you see how funny that Ruff the Dog is?

Where is Kya Blu?
Here I am Mommy
I am kinda liking this opening presents thing we have going on over here
Oh what is this blue sticky thing?
Whatever it is they have not taken it away from me yet and it tastes so YUMMY..

Hey Grandma lets go play in the floor
My new drum from Taos New Mexico...BANG BANG goes the Drum
Thanks so much Aunt Janet and Uncle Mike
My Special Doll Baby from New Mexico....Oh I love her so much I think I will read her goodnight moon...I love all my books
This is some GOOD WRAPPING PAPER...and I like the book too

Me and my Gang...Dana, Paige Lynn, Aunt La La and Me
Alicia, Grandma and Me
OK, this was a game that we played where you have to dress up like this if you roll doubles with the dice and try to unwrap a cousin Erin won and then put on a show looking like, well a DORK WAD...we love ya Erin
Kya playing with her Nativity Scene...she loves sitting in the tray for some reason
OH now I know what that blue thing is...another stinking hair bow

Oh Sarah I am so glad you came to my house and brought me ICK...he is almost as funny as you.
Me, Grandma,and Kya with my Dad and Christie and my Mom and Charlie
Grandma with all her grand kids and great grand kids...
Grandma with all her Grand kids
Kya found the ceiling fan and she thought it was the coolest thing ever....Aunt La La I am so glad you are tall and can lift me up here