Sunday, July 16, 2006

Hey Hey its Kya's Mom's Birthday...the BIG 30

What a Birthday!!!! These Guatemalan's, my Friends down here, my friends and family at home and of course my wonderful HUBBY know how to make a Birthday special. I received one surprise after another and lots of cards and emails from my friends and family back home. I have been celebrating my Birthday for over a week now. It started with Velveth and her family at TGIF and I think it ended last night celebrating with Jared. His mom had cake and candles brought up for each of us. Jared's actual birthday was yesterday. The pictures below will explain what came in between.

I also want to wish some of my friends and family who have JULY birthdays FELIZ CUMPLEANOS which is Happy Birthday in Guatemalan!

Robyn Secondine July 2nd, Velveth and Aunt Janet July 11th, Uncle Tom July 14th, Jared July 16th and Happy Anniversary to Neen and Adam July 8th

Huh! I wonder if my daddy has any surprises for me?...I am wearing my special dress for him.

With my breakfast came Velveth and these Flowers from all the hotel staff....they all signed the card. Velveth stayed and held Kya so I could eat my breakfast....really these flowers were just a decoy....because they wanted me to think that's all they had up their sleeves!

Velveth and Ki Ki celebrating our birthdays......Marriott style...with a surprise Birthday party!

I went in to La Vista at 4pm to find all my friends from the Hotel had planned a surprise Birthday Party for me....It was really great! We had my favorite CHEESECAKE..and Dora and Strawberry Shortcake balloons. I knew they were up to something because everytime I talked to the staff that day they were asking me what my plans were for my birthday...I am really going to miss all my friends here in Guatemala!

When we got back in the room on the night of my birthday...I found these...balloons from the staff at the Lobby bar here in the Hotel....don't worry I haven't taken up drinking waiting on PGN to LET US OUT....but I do go there everyday to get Hot coco....its the best....

This is Erin...she is over at Holly's making me surprise birthday cup cakes.....The McKenzie Crew and Holly and Gia showed up while we were eating dinner.......

They brought these YUMMY cupcakes and had candles in them for me to blow out....I am so proud of Miss Holly for actually making me cupcakes...that turned out so great...hehehe...she said it was the first time her cupcakes have ever been that good! She even put coconut on some of them for me...

The party's over...time to crash....Don't you all love how I got Shawn to hold Uniquia....from the cartoon backyardigins....he looks so cute...Holly says he must really love me to pose in a picture Holding a doll!!!! I know Kya really loves Uniquia..



PaPa Murnan said...

Pictures are great but I noticed we didn't get any updates while Shawn and MeMe were visiting...made it pretty tough on those of us back home...PaPa has gotten used to having a daily Kya update and photo fix. I am so glad MeMe got to visit for your birthday but boy am I jealous. She hasn't stopped talking about Kya since she got home and we love it too because it makes us all feel a little closer to our newest angel. Candy, I know it is difficult being away from home for so long but hang in there and know we are all praying for a quick response now that everything is completed as far as the paperwork. I can't wait to give both you girls a big hug and welcome home kisses when you touch down at Tulsa airport. Love ya, Papa.

Dominick's Mommy said...

Happy Birthday Candy! I don't know if you remember meeting me last week at the Marriott. Check out my blogsite at: