Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Pool Party! Saturday July 15 2006

We had a blast just hanging out at the pool...with John, Jared, Ayden, Bonnie, Ali, Daddy, Mommy and Me....Kya Blu...This was a very relaxing day...the water felt great...We also had a blast after when we ordered TGIF...the boys went to get it and we had our own private party up in the concierge lounge....It was stinking Hilarious...we laughed till we cried....this was one of our best nights in GC so far...We are really missing Bonnie and Ali right now...I so wish they could stay here with they could be together all the time.

First Family Pool Pic..gotta love those maui gems and that lovely hat ky ky is wearing.

See guys I am still pretty small...I still fit on my daddy's arm...but I am a wiggle worm so my mommy is spotting me...hehe

AWWWWW a Kiss from Daddy!

Now Mommy has to have a kiss too!


Here are the second set of bathing beauties....Bonnie and Ali...

I am my Daddy's little Mermaid!

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