Monday, September 24, 2007

Kya's First Day of School

Sorry for the SLOW BLOGGING...We went to Jana's house last week and Kya got to go to Mother's Day Out with Jenna on Friday. We really love all the time we get to spend with there family. It is so awesome that Kya and Jenna get to grow together. Please Pray for a friend of mine SIG there is a little girl that REALLY needs a family and they REALLY want her....BUT they need a Miracle to get her is her BLOG

Kya FAKE SMILING....before her shots at the DR'S office Kya and her teacher on her first day at school....when I came to get her she took her teachers hand and tried to take her to the car with us....I guess she REALLY liked her
Kya taking over Jenna's new Dora was too funny they were fighting over the kitchen sink...wish I would have got a picture of that!
On the Way to School...thanks NANA for our matching outfits
I can't believe it JENNA I finally get to go to school...WOO HOO
Kya I would not get that know our Mommy's leave us there ....RIGHT???
After School...can you see who is TIRED???

Saturday, September 22, 2007

FAV photo Friday...a day late

The Pot of GOLD at the end of OUR RAINBOW....

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ruby turns ONE

Kya Blu all dressed up for the BirthDay Party
Miss Ruby Tuesday the BIRTHDAY GIRL
Sweet Bella Bella
I really can't believe we got a picture this good of all the kids at the Bday party
Alicia came to see Kya on her FAVORITE bench at her FAVORITE tea room

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Kya goes to the county fair

We have been pretty busy around here. Kya went to the DR for her shots today and she weighs 23.6lbs. She also said as plane as day...HI STEVE when Blues Clues came on this morning. Yesterday she was eating peas and took one out of her bowl and said ONE...then took another one out and said FIVE...we were eating lunch with quite a few people and none of us could believe it...and NOPE I can't get her to do it again!

Grandma and Kya chillin at the park!

Kya your GREAT GREAT grandpa would be so proud of you in this FIRE TRUCK
Grandpa JD and Kya up close and personal with a baby cow
My Dad is totally GAGA for Miss Kya Blu
Grandma and Kya Blu
Hey MEME thanks a BUNCH for my Guatotoberfest shirts! Mommy already let me wear this one!
Hey Grandpa JD...does this date ring any bells???
SWEET..My Grandpa JD is a Halloween baby!

Happy Big 30 Aunt La La

Happy 30th Birthday Aunt LaLa I love you LOTS...and remember to come in the BACK door when you come over so you can come straight to my room and that way you don't get tied up BLABING with my mommy.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Fav Photo Friday

Hope you all party it up like ANIMAL and have a GREAT weekend!!!

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Kya loves Frogs, Prince Charming, and a Crown

Random Pictures tonight...I have been trying to upload a video and can't get it to work.

In my frog boots, in my frog boots I jump up and down in my FROG BOOTS

Who knew Princess's needed swords???

CowGirl UP

Monday, September 10, 2007

Happy 18month Birthday Mommys Lil Twinkie

Kya Blu Turned 18months old today. That means we have been home for 10! I truly love being her mommy. We went on a Mommy Daughter Date...we went and ate at ZIO's at 9pm and then went and "played around" in Wal Mart until midnight. Fun Fun Fun!!!

Miss 18 months sporting an ELMO Backpack around Wal Mart!!!

Wal Mart has this cute little Dora bedroom set up...well Kya thought it was just for her. She played there for about 45 minutes

Hummmm....Let's See Should I really try this weird looking DIP

Just a Little Dab will Do Ya

Pretty good stuff...Kya loves the bread, Spaghetti and Meat balls, and Hot Apple Pie at Zio's

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Daddy is under my SPELL!!!

I have no idea why my pictures are all jacked up tonight. Ok I am pretty sure that the picture below is going to be Daddy's all time favorite. Oh how Kya loves her Didi

Tickle Fest....Hey Didi Tickle Tickle me!

I am going to get this STINKIN hat off and I don't care if I drowned doing it...HAHA

This stuff my daddy is letting me drink is so good it almost makes my Dimmples stick out!

Dinner for FOUR...Date night with Troy and Cassie. Kya went to Play Time and totally LOVED it. She was happy to see us...after four hours but when she figured out we were leaving Play Time she actually rean back to her room...for more playing.

Friday, September 07, 2007

Fav Photo Friday for me too

Posting this phot for two reasons...we are getting ready for SOONER Football season at our house and I am REALLY missing and thinking about my late Grandpa JD Paige and he was the biggest Sooner fan ever!!!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007


As Usual I took too many pictures on our trip to Texas so it will take me a few days to get them are a few from our last full day in Texas. We took a road trip to Galveston and Keema. We really had a FUNNY trip. Today we spent the day with Shannon the Great...check out her BLOG for more Kya Pictures!

Poor baby Ky Ky all she needs in this picture to be a true redneck is a beer in her hand and floating in a lake or river not a saltwater pool...At least she has all her front teeth...LOL
OK guys try to beat this REDNECK picture....that truck sure has some big ole Kahunas. Ok I know this picture is BAD...but the first time I saw a truck with this attached was in Branson and I did not get my camera out in time to take a picture...well the good ole TEXAS HIGHWAY came through for me when we passed this truck and I got my the way the man driving the truck...probably BIG ROY'S brother who was driving the truck with his Dog in tow...saw me taking the picture and was cracking up!
Another Texas Licence Plate...Big Roy like I said before every thing is BIG in Texas
Ok had to take this...and you all know why??? Oh how I miss Antigua
Road Trip Passenger Number 1...Kya Blu

Road Trip Passenger Number 2 Carly Daye
Road Trip Driver Troy Boy
Road Trip Backseat Driver The Doodles Dad
Road Trip passengers numbers 3 and 4 Sassy Cassie and Alicia Fisha
Road Trip I GOT FRONT Passenger number 5 Ki Ki

Kya trying to give the "ISH" Besos
Holy COW...wait that's not a COW that's a crocodile...let me take a closer look
Tickle Tickle Sea Turtle
Carly Daye the BRAVE Stingray feeder....You go girl!
Yipee we made it to the Boardwalk and I can now STRUT MY STUFF
The girls waving at the Jimmy Buffet Singing Boat...Kya REALLY like this

Oh when the sun beats down and burns the tar up on the roof.And your shoes get so hot, you wish your tired feet were fire-proof.Under the Boardwalk, down by the sea
The "Great Family" Chillin on the Boardwalk

Alica helping her and I mean HER BABY KYA. Alicia is a great cousin to baby Kya...she gives up time playing with kids her age to look out for and play with Kya Blu. She is a know how us proud parents are...we always think our children are the smartest or advanced. Well Alicia is like that with hear her tell her friends...yea Kya can already walk BY HER SELF and she is so smart because she talks more than any baby I really is so sweet that she is so PROUD of baby Kya
Kya playing with Alicia at the Boardwalk Playground
Hey there Girl...I don't know where you got those beads...It must be Mardi Gra and I am the one showing my Ta Ta's so hand them over....and heck no I am not giving you my POO Bear diaper in exchange for those beads
Yup Mommy let me play in the fountains with out my clothes and I am LOVIN IT

Come on Carly lets get out of here...You want to go watch some Disney in the know we have to get ready for Disney because in just few short months we can give Mickey Mouse Besos!