Friday, June 29, 2007

July 4th Resort Pre Show

My Mommy will not be posting for a few days. We will be in TX at our favorite resort where we will be CHILLIN by the pool with my friends from Guatemala. We are so excited to get be with these families this July 4th weekend. My Mommy and me will be staying in Tx with my Aunt Cassie until July 20th. When we get home my Mommy wants to add a BLOG roll call to the side of her could you all PLEASE leave your BLOG in the comment section so we can include you. Thanks a Bunch and HAPPY 4th of JULY 2007...HUGS KYA BLU

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Show the love for my Guatemalan Balls

Where do I find Kya everyday now???? Sitting on the window seal...playing in the bowl with the Guatemalan balls

So happy I bought so many of these balls...Kya LOVES them
Catch Mommy
I have been tackled my MOMMY...
Daddy PLEASE LET ME IN...I need to get some work done, I need to make some deals, I need to make some calls....come on DAD I need to" be workin for the weekend"
WOO HOO mom I am IN....See ya

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Kya's days at Grandma's House

Here are a few pictures of the few days we got to spend at Grandma's house last week.
Also wanted to share something with you all...GOOGLE READER!!! My friend Matt told me about it and It is going to save me HOURS each day. You can subscribe to all the BLOGS you read through GOOGLE READER and then they keep track of when someone posts a new post...It ROCKS...I spend so much time checking BLOGS and sometimes they have no updates..The only thing is I don't think I can leave comments doing it this If I don't comment as much this is why...I am still there reading all you BLOGS I promise I am an Addict...hehe
Silly Girl
What the heck are we letting our kids watch these days???? Anyone recognize this lady on TV???

That's right Folks....the have DR RUTH on children's programs these days...STRANGE

What do you think Grandpa...we are so WAY COOL don't you think???

Look at this cool thing Nana got me...I am not sure what to do with it so I will just carry it around.
What the heck you all laughing at???
Grandma is WAY COOL...she moved my High Chair to the TV so I could see Sesame Street better...While she fed me my breakfast.
This is my Gene Simmons Family Jewels Face...HAHA
I am so HAPPY I could do Hand Stands...NAKED...haha
Blow more bubbles Auntie Carroll
More Pool time at Grandma's

YEE HAW Watermelon Queen
You can't be serious want me to ride a Bull...with those long horns
Coral Rose
Yellow Daisy

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Me and Mommy love our Guate Tot Friends

Last week was really nice we got to get together with two other adoptive families. we went to the Concert in the Park with Kerri and Miss Ruby Tuesday.
Then on Sunday we got to spend the afternoon with Ami, Matt, Emma, and Elly. I was so thrilled to see them again....They were my "neighbors" at the Marriott for a week in June last summer. Thanks so much for coming to visit us. we can't wait to see you all again real soon.
Happy Baby
Happy Daisy
My Serious Thinker...HUMMM
Double Bunny Fun
Kya Blu and Ruby I call her

Kerri, Ruby and Kya at the Utica Concert in the Park...Thanks for inviting us!!!
I really want to get off this blanket mom...but it was too muddy
I guess I will just lay down and rub my bunnies ear
Emma...Who did not want me to take a picture of her...but I got one!
Elly or Mighty Mouse as I call her and her Mommy....

The DOODLE and the Magna DOODLE

This is how the Doodles Dad works from home...with his little Artist on his lap and a phone to his ear.
I bought Kya a Magna Doodle since she loves to draw so much...I asked daddy to pick up the toys while we were out the other day and when we came home this is what we found from Daddy...Oh Doodle you are so beautiful...Daddy I love you...and Mommy saying Gitcha Gitcha BOO...which is a game I play with her...too sweet Daddy
The real reason to own a Magna Doodle...and DUCKY SLEDE
Kya wearing her Mono Loco shirt from Antigua and driving her ducky round and round on the DOODLE BOARD
Come on DUCKY lets try to find a way up these stairs
WE LOVE YOU KYA...YOU MAKE US SMILE 1000 times a day!!!

Friday, June 22, 2007


Please look at this link to my friend Natalie's BLOG...her sweet Mia turned ONE today...but she is not home where she should be and her mommy does not even know where she is at tonight....which breaks my heart. Please Pray that Mia gets to come home to the family that loves her and is waiting for her to complete their family. Natalie this is one of the most moving video's I have ever seen and although I cried a river of tears....Oh I just love it. Happy 1st Birthday Sweet MIA!!!

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Kya Blu Take Two

I LOVE having these two pictures in the same pose....I REALLY can't believe that my tiny baby is now a big girl
TAKE ONE...KYA BLU @ eleven days old
TAKE TWO...KYA BLU @ 15 months old
Cutting me up some MILK?????...I will get this container open one way or another!!!
Ring Ring Ring....Yes Hello...Oh yes Nana did you hear?
HOLD on a sec I need to turn down the fire...
Yes its ture I got a NEW KITCHEN...and I said O COOL the minute I saw it. Mommy and Daddy thought that was so funny...Ok got to go I have a turkey in the oven
Playing outside with my water toys

Monday, June 18, 2007

Life with the Garcia's...Fun Fun Fun

Bella and her Mommy still needs our prayers...Bella has to go back in for more surgery on Friday...that means she has to be put under again. Bella is still having to take pain medicine and is very uncomfortable.Lisa you know my heart is breaking for you...we are your family through adoption and we are here for you all the way. I posted this prayer request on my BLOG because...we are the people who understand the pain Lisa is going through...we work so hard and put so much of ourselves into bringing these precious babies home...that even the thought of anything happening to too hard to handle.

Here it is by poor little toe and our pictures of our wonderful days with the Garcia Crew!

Here it is Folks... The Big BREAK...OUCH...that little piggy is BROKE!!!
Kya FLAPPING her arms with excitement when she saw Jenna and the boys.
Avery takes a SLIDE
Aarron Loves our Mexican Joint
Ronnie I love ya even though you are a TEXAS fan...FALLS CREEK ROCKS!!!
Ronnie totting around 2 strawberry shortcakes
Come here Boy..Didn't you here him say KISS THE BRIDE
I now pronounce you Husband and Wife...hehe

Yup Jenna its true...I am your SIL now...
Kya hugging her ELMO baby doll
The Whole GANG...
The picture below is a whole new meaning for horse and carriage...Avery riding a horse pushing a Basket..

My Little Minnie Mouse Swim Suit Modle this pic of Mr. Avery
Yes we are on our Honeymoon...We took the DON BOAT crusie ship...BON VOUAGE
LOVE this picture of Jenna and Jana...Mommy's little Princessa
Bikini BABE
Soaking up the Sun

This is what a day with the Garcia Crew will do to you...SACKED OUT...Mommy, Bunny and Kya Blu...HAHAHAH...JUST KIDDIN
Let me wash your hair for you Girlfriend
Jenna Marie
Kya Blu

WE partied to hard last night...
Jenna and Kya in there Guatemalan Dresses
Oh Avery you crack me up...Oh you think I look pretty in pink...blush blush
More Guatemalan dresses....Our mommy's are CRAZY with these photo shoots
Maria me these Guatemalan Animals
What to do...when you have moms this SILLY
Hula Hula Jenna
Hula Hula Kya Blu
See my Guatemalan Ball

What the heck did they put on my head????
Howdy Partner
Banana Rama
As you can see we pulled out all my props