Saturday, July 01, 2006

You've Got A FRIEND In ME!

We had quite a photo shoot today with 4 guate tots getting ready for July 4th. They actually did really good..not crying at all...just alot of falling over. Kya has made so many new friends and has so many friends and a "future Hubby" waiting for her to come home to play with them. So here they are...FRIENDS!

Kya "BORED" Blu, Samual...Yawning also Bored, Izzy and Gia......And wouldn't you know it Mr. Animal had to get in on the action TOO!

Kya is getting very good at sitting up...she looks like such a big girl here and she is so Miss Serious!

Lean on me when your not strong...and I'll be your FRIEND..I'll help you carry on.

The Three Amigos!!!

Kya, Izabel, and Gia

Samual take your pick...Girls Girls Girls!...what is this the Dating Game?

Gotcha Holly...Finally I took this and you did not know!!!!Finally a point for me!

Heads or Tails?

Big Brown Guatemalan Eyes

Kya getting Cozy with another waiter...Victor...What are we going to do with her? No really the staff here just love her and Gia and give them tons of attention..just what they need...haha!

This is Austin and Kya. Austin is my friend Judy's son and a brother to Izabel. He is the sweetest and well mannered boy. He has to hang out with all of us silly moms and babies and never complains. He is so good with the babies too. We love ya Austin!

Girlfriend...You have my eyes Too. Gia and Izabel looking at each other...too Cute!

This is a VERY Important Little boy...Sam AKA the next little Tiger Woods..but more importantly...our future SON-in LAW...Yes his mom and I are into arranged marriages these Days haha
This is Kya's future sister -in -law and future Miss America Sophi Kate....sister to Sam
This little beach Burklee...Kya and her are going to be best buds...can't wait to watch them play together!


barbiescraps said...

Oh my goodness.. so cute!! I must ask, Izabel looks identical to my daughter (age 20 months). Is her birthmoms first name by any chance Maria?????
Happy 4th to you all...

Kya Blu's Mommy Candy...aka KiKi said...

If you want to send me your email I will have her mom email email is

Thanks for signing Kya's Blog