Monday, December 31, 2007

Home Sweet Home on New Years Eve 2007

New Years Eve was celebrated by Lunch at Cheesecake Factory for Mommy, Aunt LaLa and Kya Blu while Daddy and Miriah went to the Movies. Then it was off to Target to buy groceries. Oh and a few outfits for the kids...hehe! Then we made Chili, Queso, and had Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake and sat around in our PJ's on the couch watching Kya and Miriah run around the house. Oh and we watched the BALL drop in NYC....Pretty much a perfect NEW YEARS for us. Here are some pictures of Kya...Laughing at Miriah and Kya dressed up for lunch at CF.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Riah here let the PARTY BEGIN IN 2008!!!

Happy New Years Eve!

May all our dreams come true in 2008. Well we got our PA...but the frustrating thing is I went into PGN 3 days before that with out now I wait for our KO. Kya and Mommy want baby brother home NOW!!! Please PGN let us out quickly.

HAPPY 2008
I am just LOVING spending time with my Riah....or running from her while she chases me!
Punk Rock Princess
Kya and Riah
Riah sharing the computer with he baby sister
THANK YOU AUNT JANET for my handy apron....I have been doing some heavy duty house cleaning in it
NO WAIT MOM no more pictures
Kya Playing with her Barbies from Nana
As you can see Kya already has her CASA...all set up she made it HOMEY right away
How in the world does my front porch get so dusty...Clean Clean Clean
What MOM...I just had Nana Over to MY CASA for a little tea party
Daddy geting his presents...two GUATE TOTS
Kya Sharing her tea with baby sister Elizabeth as I call her....right DADDY
Kya getting her LOOKS LIKE Jacks big music show animal from her Meme and Papa
OH GREAT CLOTHES....I got her this dress in Guatemala

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

7th Annivesary, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day

We had ANOTHER AWESOME Christmas with Kya Blu....she had so much fun and got so many presents from all the people who love her so. Nana, Grandpa Charlie, and Auntie Carroll joined us this Christmas. We started on Christmas Eve with 6 presents...then on Christmas Day....she took ALL DAY to open her presents and we still have 4 left to open tomorrow morning. She first played with her SANTA gifts before lunch. Then after lunch she would go get one or two at a time and them open them and play with them a few hours before going and getting another one to open. She REALLY got to play with everything this year and had a much so she took a 3 and 1/2 hour nap. I hope all of you had a BLESSED Christmas as well. Can't wait to start the NEW YEAR with all of you!

No those are not RINGS on Kya's Fingers those our Mommy's new diamond earrings from DADDY....for 7 years he has let me be the BOSS...Honey I love you SO much and the earings are PERFECT...all most as perfect as YOU...
PRAYING that Bubby has a WONDERFUL Christmas TOO
Her FIRST Christmas Present she got to open on Christmas eve...her little people Christmas Train from Nana
Dancing around OUTBACK where we had Christmas Eve Dinner ...THANK YOU JAY and FAMILY

After Dinner it was back to opening a few more presents...what is this from GG???
OH BOY a baby Carriage...Let me feed my sweet baby
Pushing her babies all around the room....GG SHE LOVES THIS!
I pet all the wraped presents out before bed....daddy stayed will see

NANA Showing her what Daddy stayed up all night working on
DADDY...Is this really my OWN CASA????
My house came with its own phone
I LOVE hiding behind the Shutters

Pretending to WASH my Hands
One Happy Home Owner
This is KYA's baby Brother to practice with...she took him into her house with her first thing
Then she went to get MELMO who seems to be telling FUNNY SECRETS
Kya feeding Baby Bubby in the High Chair Nana Made for her

He first GLANCE at her train set I got for her in Guatemala
Oh DADDY I love you this is the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER
Feeding Baby Bubby his Paucha
Taking a Picture...YES she is already A PRO at this...from watching Mommy.
She is so sweet to baby Bubby...who really looks like Jagger....she wanted him to hear the music from the Music Box Auntie Carroll bought her

Running up my phone bill already...just wait daddy till I learn to Text Message
The Christmas FLASH
Ok ...I eat RANCH DRESSING on my MASHED POTATOES...and I was announcing that to every one while I poured the RANCH on the potatoes...when the lid came off and o whole half bottle of buttermilk ranch...COVERED my plate...Of course it was my Sweet Husbands FAULT...hehe right Grandpa Charile???
Kya HELPING her Nana open her COMPUTER!!! Now Nana can see the BLOG from home too!
Kya seeing her singing ELMO from Auntie Carroll

Kya's Favorite I think was the Jack In the Box Nana got her....It scared the pants off of her everytime...but she wanted you to do it again and again
She would close her eyes and JUMP when it would POP
SEE RIGHT HERE...hahah Kya you are a HOOT
OH YEA Nana got me a Jewelry box full of JEWELS....and I wore them most of the day
A very PROUD Auntie Carroll

A little BOOGER with those BEADS
HUMMM I wonder if this is enough accessories
Besos for Auntie Carroll
What my glasses are up side down???
Mommy AFTER Kya dressed ME UP!!!

Yes my DADDY got me a MP3 player and now I rock out to my TUNES
Kya opening her Adopted Baby Doll from MEME....she is a BEAUTIFUL baby...thank you MEME and PAPA
Kya LOVING on her Bear That came with the BABY DOLL
Kya protecting her CASA...with Daddy's baseball bat his Dad gave him
Kya pulling her babies with the Wagon that Nana got for Jagger!!!