Saturday, March 29, 2008

PUMP IT UP the KYA BLU Extravaganza!

All of YOU made Kya's Bday so SPECIAL...It makes me so HAPPY to see how many people Truly LOVE Miss Kya Blu. Some of you drove 8 hours, some 4 hours, some 2 hours, some just across town....BUT all of you MADE Kya's 2nd Birthday SO SPECIAL. THANK YOU from the Bottom of MY HEART!

Because itsher BIRTHDAY PARTY DAY...and...
SHE GOT A BIKE from Mommy, Daddy, and Jagger
Cuddling on the couch with her Aunt Cassie, Uncle Troy, and her FAV Cousins!
Where are we going MOMMY and Aunt Lala???
SAM...The next Tiger Woods and Kya's future HUBBY
Kya Blu with both or her GREAT GRANDMAS....GG and Grandama Paige
Kya with her Auntie Carroll
Cara and Ava...who is also 2 now!
Johannah....MISS ON THE GO
ALL the way from AR....Laurie and Beautiful Bella...they WON the longest drive for KYA award!
Kristen....MISS PRE TEEN...already in to Hannah Montana

Analise Jade Murnan...haha...Jaggers Future BRIDE
Hey Mommy my Aunt Candy really overdid it witht he 4 cupcake hair bows on my SIL Kya Blu...haha
The Super Dooper hard to climb up SLIDE
The Lovely Sophia...I love this picture of Sophia becasue it reminds me of when I met her in the Marriott Lobby...CRUSIN in her Walker...she could really get that Walker going.

Kya Blus MOM and Miss Thang herself JUMPING like BUNNIES
Aunt La La with her 3 girls, Analise, Kya Blu, and Alicia...or Sisha as Kya calls her
Gary and Eliana...Eliana came home a week before this picture was taken and we are SO HONORED that her first USA Birthday Party was KYA BLU's
Pacey was only home a few weeks too...I am telling you she is SO STINKIN CUTE and Joc you look so HAPPY... I can tell you are ONE PROUD MOMMY
SAM you better get over here...Zeke is taking your girl!

Jenna Marie and Kya Blu...WE LOVE YOU Garcia' we have been thru a lot together in the last 2 years!
OK this is RONNIE, Jenna's older Bro...If I didn't love him so much he would have been BOOTED for wearing THAT JERSEY! Just watch you GO Crimson and Cream when you go to an OK college...HAHA
Aaron...he is the sweetest boy I know...
All the Guate Momma's and Kya's Two Favorite Aunts, GABBING..Imagine that!
Aubrey...WHAT A DOLL FACE...and wearing ORANGE...I LOVE IT! Does a BOW ever get any cuter than that???

Only the Best for the Birthday Girl...Daddy made sure she got a Jagger and Kya...wait I mean MAX and RUBY bday Cake
Wishing for BUBBY TO COME HOME and a TRIP TO DISNEY WORLD...and you know what Daddy's are good at RIGHT??? Making wishes come TRUE...When you wish upon and BIRTHDAY CAKE, makes no differance who you are...DREAM COME TRUE!
Ok Kristi...You got your Daughter in Law a APRON...Thats like getting her a VACCUM...You know I am sure Kya will need that Apron to cook up a TASTY DINNER to win Sam's Heart...HAHA...No really WE LOVE IT and REALLY Love having her NAME ON IT...Although it would have been REALLY FUNNY if you would have put Kya Blu CARP
MOMMY TRYING to sit in the Birthday THRONE with Kya Blu...BABY GOT BACK!
The DAY of Kya's Birthday Party her Cousin Carly Daye turned 5 years old. Thank you Carly for spending your Birthday @ Kya's Party

Kya really LOVED the Cards...She wanted to Look at each one of them
Alicia covered in the tissue paper from Kya's Gifts...Knowing Sisha this was her FAV part of the Party
Dani...her family just moved to OK...but I already knew her Mommy from My Marriott days...I am so excited to have them closer!
WOOO HOO Kya's Mom SUPER EXCITED about the Clothes...Kya Super Excited about the CARDS???
These Two Ladies REALLY are My Sisters....I would NEVER make it with out each of them. Ok they are TOTAL DORKS having there Picture taken but they sure made me smile when I saw it. Yes when we are out in Public everyone thinks that one of them is Kya's Mom...Or even worse they think I am Cassie's Mom!

Kya got to wear this on ST PAT'S day in Guatemala, thanks to Jenna and the Boys
Kerri and MaryAnn
Laurie and Bella boo
Jenna Marie, Kya Blu, Bella, and dani

Avery and Kya Blu...I really think they may be IN LOVE TOO
HUMMMM Let me think! How can we get my mom Jana to give us more of that YUMMY CANDY!
I don't know Jenna! Please tell me you have a Plan!
UNO BESOS RIGHT BACK AT YA...I am sure they will give us the Candy now because we are just so DARN CUTE

Back at the CASA after the Party...Kya got this NEIGH NEIGH Stick Horse from her NANA!
Also she got to MOVES from Nana
Besos to Bath Time Bubble Blowing Curious George
I can't believe my EYES...Mommy and Daddy gave me my very own MAX and RUBY!
OH Ruby I love you and do you have any TIPS on being a BIG SISTER