Thursday, June 29, 2006

ITS ALL ABOUT YOU DADDY...& you better enjoy it because from now on it's all about ME

Talk about Mom bringing out the she always like this? She must really love you Daddy to do this while she is sick. Speaking of her being sick...she has lost her voice so I don't know what to think because you know all she does is talk and sing to me all day. I miss you too Daddy and can't wait for you to see me again. Love you, Kya Blu...your lil 4th of July Sparkler!!!

OK Daddy are you ready for this...Mommy wants me to know all about you so she gave me all your favorite things today.

Yes its true I'm posing...This has been passed down for generations on the Ewing Girl side of the Family...I was also asking how old is Jakob?...Oh 4...fixing to be 5

Lets see if this spoon will stick to my nose!

This spoon sure is good...just wait till I am old enough to sit on my dads lap and actually get to eat out of HIS peanut butter jar.

GOTCHA!!!! Now Daddy make sure you use these wipes not the Clorox wipes...MY Butt is burning My Butt is Burning....haha

I am NUT'S for you daddy!

Melt in your mouth not in your hands....Daddy's favorite kind of Candy...except for my Mom!

Don't forget to SPRAY dad...I am as stinky as YOU!

I am sorry to tell you but you have lost all control of the remote...from now on its Backyardagins, Barney, Lazy Town, Dora, Diago, Seasme Street....Now TV is all about ME!

I hear you have "A THING" for nail clipers...just don't do it when moms in the room!

What my own Cell Phone at age 3 Rock DAD!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Girls Just Want To Have Fun

The 80's baby back and better than ever!!!

This is our Cindi Lauper...with a hint of Pippi Longstocking look. My Mommy is Still sick. And we are still waiting to be Kicked Out of PGN so we can be put back in with Pre Approval. By the way our web cam is down right now. We had some company today. Lisa and Bella have been living in Antigua but just got out of PGN and are heading home. Lisa had one of the Ladies in Antigua make Kya a table runner with her name on it.

I see your true colors shining through, I see your true colors and thats why I Love you!

My mommy thinks in Song Lyrics

Holding my belly so mommy can't tickle me! I look like a little Doll.

I have the PUNK ROCK 80'S TROLL hair going on today.

See the Pippie LONGSTOCKINGS...these were my mommy's booties

This is Bella...Claping she is so happy she is Heading to America this week...

You can't be serious mom another stinkin photo shoot...

No more pictures..I just can't take it anymore...

Bella Holding the BIRD ...Kya Giving the BIRD...Oh no..Holly is going to love this one....Thats the same Bird your Pa Pa sees when he tries to drive in Tulsa.

I told you Bella, she would start bringing out the Props...hats Off to you all and to all a goodnight.

Bug a Bug a BOO and Woo Hoo

WOO HOO!...I got my Pre-Approval today! June 27 2006

My mom has two bugs....Me and the Flu Bug....but I wore this to show Daddy I am his Doodle BUG!

Minnie's daughter Gabby, Jana's daughter Jenna and Kya Blu!

Jenna and Kya...Kya knows when the leapord sheet comes out its photo shoot time!

I'm thinkin "MR PGN should let me be home for the 4th of July...I want Miriah, Caleb, Jakob, Alicia and Carly to play with me at the resort!"

Kya you big flirt...going after an older man...haha she loves Hugo the waiter at La Vista.

or she is trying to get a free desert and white sauce. (Cassie, Alicia, and Mom will get this one)

Like mother like daughter!

Rear view...does my Butt look big in these pants? hehe


What are those crazy women at the end of the bed, jumping around with my toys, and making crazy noises doing...

I hope we don't act as silly as our moms when we grow up haha!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Hey Hey Its YOUR Birthday...ANAI'..Loved your party!

Well let me start by saying...we missed seing Holly and Gia today and we are thinking about you right now. We had our first Birthday Party to attend today down by the pool. Anai' turned 1 year old. There were party hats, balloons and cupcakes. To everyone back in the states we miss you!

Guess What My Mommy Just told me.....That my Pa Pa loves me the most!!!!!

This picture is for Daddy and Nana the two DING DONG lovers in the family....Thats a girl for you, she already knows what to do with Chocolate!!! Smart Girl.

Hey what's this, another treat....Let me decide----do I want to eat it too?

This is what I have learned from my hold my pretend Microphone...She does this while she sings and Dances around the room (Who does she think she is, Madonna or something?) While I Crack up at her. But thats ok because Mommy learned this behavior from My Grandpa JD JR.....Boy Grandpa JD SR if you were still here you could be the Manager of my Band!

Oh yes this has SUGAR in it I should eat it too....Check out my cute shoes Nana got me!

Oh whats this--a pink balloon just for me...Never enough PINK!

Wait, PINK, isn't that an AEROSMITH song?....Just wait till you all see what mommy made for me! We may show you tomorrow

We love a good Party!!!!

I met this family yesterday and they fell in Love with who dosen't. Guess what... they are from Bentonville, AR and will be living here at the Hotel for a month and in Guatemala for 2 years. Teresa, the mom, grew up at Cookson Hills and guess who she knows?... that's right Troy Boy....Her hubby is here working for Wal Mart. See Troy Boy, totally safe down here...Now Send my My Cassie....You know I was there when both your two Rug Rats were born now I want Cassie to get to be here with Kya Blu...Oh and congrats on the HOLE IN ONE...

I love to sit up like a big girl...My mom is cracking me up some more!

I am posting this for my Grandma...She loves Flowers...The Manager here at the Hotel puts fresh flowers in my room every week...getting spoiled even down here. These are Peace Lilly's.

Did not even phase me when mommy put this Birthday hat on my head...why should it?!?!... she is sticking a differant bow or hat on me every few hours....HAHA

Here is the Birthday girl Anai' and her mom, Sue, they are from Indiana....All the party guests are in the back ground....Wo Hoo

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Just what the Dr. Ordered ....MORE KYA BLU

My agency was in town last week and went to Kya's Dr. Appointment with us...they were so sweet they took these pictures for us. I am so glad to have them for her scrapbook. She is a good little patient!

Love this Pictue...she is like oh please do not undress me and put me on that cold scale....on which she weighted 10lb 10oz
Mommy helping me get my pepto dress off!
Leslie, Cara holding Kya and Dr. Montiel.....Leslie and Cara are from our Agency Across the World Adoptions
Leslie, Kya's mommy...smiling as usual...Kya and the Dr.
My heart beats for you Daddy!!!!

Sunday in the South-----WAY SOUTH !

Move Over Cover Girl who needs Mascara with Lashes like these....I bet Aunt LA LA will be jealous...with all the time she spends on her lashes with that stinkin straight pen haha
Angelina Jolie Lips and Lashes to dye for...Get your gun out DADDY...Caleb James you better chase the boys off for us...I know Boo would love to hit them with sticks, swords, or light sabers..
What's that sticking out there....What the Heck.... I have the same exact BELLY as my Daddy!!!HAHA
Oh my Gosh did I just say that....Mommy made me do it!

How many hair accessories can go with one outfit. Mommy and me had a blast at our Aloha Hawaii Photo shoot today. My Mommy is kind of silly she brought back drops.

FISH FACE....she is really getting into the Hawaii photo shoot. LOL

She could be about to crack up because this Hat looks SO SILLY

How about the Coral Bow (one of my NANA's favorite colors) from The Kya's Chica Design Summer Bow Line

Now Modeling the 80's Neon Green Look...look out I might start moonwalking like my Dad...but with those dimples who would notice!

Its the "all the animal print rage" Bow, a good one to attract a man like Animal himself...look out Gia I may be wearing this one on Monday...

Very Betsy Johnson if I do say so myself!!!

When I see you Smile....I see a ray of light OH OH you know I could do when I see you smile, smile at me!