Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The Big and the Small Picture!

I have no clue why some of these pictures are BIG and some are SMALL...Go figure...I am just so proud of myself for getting so many "catch up" blogs done today. These pictures are of the Fun time we got to spend with John, Jared, Ayden, Terri, Bonnie and Ali.

Mom and Dad cuddle me by the pool..

Terri and Ayden...Terri is Ayden's "too funny" Grandma...she should have her own stand up comedy act.

Two Monkeys...Oh wait thats John and Kya...hehe

Me and My Gang....Candy, Kya Jared, Ayden, John, Bonnie, and Ali....Grandma Terri is taking the picture...she also had the birthday party for me and Jared

I think the SHIRT pretty much speaks for it's self....You Go Ayden

Me and My Gang in the Pool

Am I a cutie patootie...or what?

Two Timer....hehe

the little gang

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