Thursday, August 31, 2006

What My Mom is a Steven Tyler fan...You have got to be kidding..hehe

Just in case Steven Tyler is following our blog...hehe...we wanted to be sure he knows we are his biggest FANS...I made this for her a few months ago and just found it today while I was packing.

Kya thinks this is as funny as MOMMY...

Yup I am sitting up like a big girl!

Dream On...BOYS!!!

I bet Kya could get us..the spice girls...back stage..

Gotta love this...I crack myself up...really!

Sure I would love to be in your mom is my casting you better check with her.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Goodbye Marriott Hello ANTIGUA!!!

Kya and I will be moving to Antigua on SEPT 2. We are very excited and overwhelmed at the thought of moving. We really enjoyed our trip there. All the GREEN, All the FRESH AIR, All the flowers in bloom and All the FREEDOM....WAS WONDERFUL. Antigua is so BEAUTIFUL it takes your breath away. I have been there 3 other times but getting to stay there a few days...opened my eyes to it. We found the most wonderful place to live. It is a Bed and Breakfast. I will have a apartment there. I will tell you all more about it later. I just wanted to let everyone know that I will not be blogging or checking email this weekend because we will be moving. Shawn and MeMe are coming to help us. I also want to say goodbye and how much I will miss all my WONDERFUL friends here at the Marriott...Especially Velveth, Sylvia, Lydia, Hugo, Sigi, Israel, Flor, Carla and all the room service, at your service staff, the girls in the lobby bar, and Bell Men. You all have made me feel like part of your families...Kya and I will send pictures and come back to see you. I am sure Miss Velveth will be coming to visit me in Antigua and hopefully in the states some day.

I am sitting in the Middle of a Ton of toys...and what do I LOVE .....this Coca Cola bottle...
Spread your Wings and FLY!!!
The LUSH grounds at Casa Santo Domingo....all you see is GREEN...
This is Aljandro...and his Grandma Jeri...We had a great time getting to know him and his family. He has been living with his mom in Antigua for 8 months now.
Look at his cool swing...Of Course... My Mommy is going to buy me one this weekend!
Kya's first time ever in a pack in play and she loved it and took a 3 hour tour...wait that's Gilligans Island...I mean... A 3 hour NAP!!!
Look out point at Casa Santo Domingo....I wish you all could have seen the took our breath away...
I am tall enough to move around in this walker now...and yes that's right my mom is buying me one of these this weekend TOO!

Saturday, August 26, 2006

How Many Days in PGN

As of Monday AUGUST 28 we have been in PGN 90 days...Please don't let us hit 100. I am dreaming of the day we get to see all of you at the airport. Kya sat up without using her hands for support on Friday...she is getting to be such a big girl...but just a little warning - don't wake her up when she is sleeping...she is a bit like her mommy and will let you have it if you interrupt her naps..hehe

How many days have we been in PGN...What did you say?.....90 days..Mommy I want to go home to see all my family

How many days are we staying in Antigua...4 days...I can count to four on my fingers.
My Mommy gave me antenna's like Uniqua's!
Mommy Loves YOU Kya Blu Angelica!
Stylin in my ROCK STAR DUDS!
Watching my shows!

Antigua here we come...

Just to let you all know Miss Kya and her Mommy are out of here....for a few days anyway. We are taking our first Mommy Daughter Vacation and heading over to Casa Santo Domingo for some R & R. So I won't have my computer for a few days. I thought I better give you some new pictures before we leave. Then Daddy is coming to see us on THUR night. All the activity will help the week go by fast and every week that passes gets us closer to HOME.

You can't be serious...

This Hair Bow has a Hat attached to it...strange!

Still have my dimples...

My Happy Girl first thing in the morning!

I almost have this thing off my head and then Mommy puts it back on.

Nana bought me my pretty Guatemalan Hat when she came to see me.

Hurry Up Daddy we miss you!

Friday, August 25, 2006


Please go to the link below to see Kya Blu "Almost Famous at Eskimo Joe's"
Mommy is so proud...maybe we will make it in the Catalog too!

We also made it back into PGN on August 23rd
This Squirrel is for you GRANDMA and the late GRANDPA PAIGE...I bought Kya these PJ's because they make me think of all the time I have spent watching Squirrels with you. Oh and the time you let me have a pet Squirrel...
Oh I am as Beautiful as mommy says I am....Mirror Mirror on the wall who is the cutest girl of them all...KYA
Squirreling around while mommy trying to get a good photo
YOU its YOU that I love Daddy
Mommy there is a baby that looks like ME in this thing!

Thursday, August 24, 2006


Oh BOY Kya got ANOTHER UNIQUIA. thanks to Nana..this one sings and talks. She LOVES it...but you have to remember to take it out of the bed when "napping" Daddy rolled over on it and it went off and Kya woke out of a dead sleep and her eyes lite up like the 4th of July...there went Mommy and Daddy's nap..hehe..Kya's Mommy sure loves Kya's Daddy..We had a great visit with him as usual. It is SO nice to be together as a family. I treasure these weekends more than pirates gold!

Oh Goody another TOY to EAT!!!
Hey Daddy did you HEAR THAT...When I push Uniqua's tummy she TALKS & SINGS now...hey when did uniqua get a voice and a cool Pirate Patch and Hat?...I am so confused!!
Looking at the TV to try to figure out where this singng is coming from..for some reason in this picture she reminds me of Cassies Alicia..I think it is how she is holding her hand
Oh Thank You Daddy for helping me PUSH Uniqua's Tummy....I like it who she says ARRRRR
Oh My GOSH Uniqua gained weight and got an eye Patch...THANKS NANA FOR SPOILING ME!!!

Wednesday, August 23, 2006


Kya's daddy said the sweetest thing to us tonight...He said "he feels like his life has just begun." How true that is...just looking into Kya's face the whole world is new. She is SOOOO Crazy about her Daddy...she smiles EVERYTIME he Walks into the room and she wants his undivided attention...believe me.

Oh Daddy I cant wait to see you "moonwalk" and do the "techno" YOU ARE THE ONLY ROCK STAR FOR ME DADDY...for now anyways

Daddy getting Kya ready for the flight home...


uniqua and I have the same mouth..and we are color coordinated..We ROCK

Mommy totally LOVES this Picture..All daddy needs is a patch and a hook for a hand...Oh wait he does not need a Hook he has already snagged me and mommy and it does not get any better than that.

It's a bird, It's a Plane, It's KyKy

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Going Avocado GREEN...all for Grampi JD JR

We just got news from our Facilitator Mayra that she went to PGN and met with our reviewer. She is going to let her submit a document that the Birth Mom signs with out having to go through the Embassy. Mayra is trying to get the birth Mom in today or tomorrow to re signÂ…I have also requested she get the final sign off at that time it will save us a step at the end. Then we will be resubmitted to PGN for another 3 week waitÂ…..ugggggÂ….. This is the good news.

The bad news is the woman who is our reviewer will not tell us if this is our LAST KO all she will say is this as far as she has looked at our caseÂ…which is NOT GOOD. She also will not meet with us like we requested.
On to brighter news....Kya finally ate something for me today and her Grandpi JD is going to be smiling from ear to ear.....WE HAVEAVOCADOCADO EATER!!! Yes I knew she was my little California Girl. She could not get enough. My Dad, Gradpi JD orders the biggest bowl of Guacamole they have at EVrestaurantaunt. She is going to be the same way. I hope this makes you smile dad I know (heard from the grapevine..or maybe it was Grannie Christie hehe) that you are wiggin out over this bad news.

I first tried a tiny bitewaffleffel...came right out...then I smasheavocadocado...ONE BITE AND SHE WAS HOOKED.

I got up to eat my breakfast and she had a fit wanting more.

Yes BAD pic of me but look at Kya she is like HELLO MOM please quit talking and give me that finger.

No this is not green finger paints...

Oh Look at mushy...hummmm...well I will give it a try

Monday, August 21, 2006

Ma Ma Ma Ma....YEA Kya

Ok now I can't get my words to center...BUT WHO CARES...KYA SAID MA MA MA MA TONIGHT AND THAT IS PRETTY MUCH ALL THAT MATTERS IN THE WORLD...RIGHT? She must have known that after our 3rd PGN KO I needed a Bright Spot to this day...I had my back to her at the computer and she was getting aggravated because she wanted my attention..ALL OF THE TIME....and out it came...I was so excited I jumped up and grabbed her and she was laughing and kicking her feet...I said Good Girl...and she smiled so big...Now I know why I made this decision to Foster...I wouldn't miss these moments for anything in the world

Hey Mommy I am going to say Ma Ma Ma Ma soon...don't you worry.

Yes I loved my out my toes are drying...this chair is just like being at the salon

Painted KyKy's Toes can you believe I waited this long to do it...we were getting pretty for Daddy

Mommy is SO happy she got her Old Navy order for Me... Kya...they have a Rock Star line now. Yup she bought it all...

Waiting on daddy or "sleeping in the rain" instead of singing in the rain"