Thursday, November 30, 2006

Finally All Dressed UP...

This Post is for Maria Izabel....The whole time I was in Guatemala I wore sweats...I told her when I got home and dressed up I would send her a picture. Shawn had a dinner meeting and took us along. Kya was SO GOOD and the dinner did not even start till 8:30pm.

All Dressed UP...for Dinner with Daddy
Woman in RED
Mommy and Me
Ok Maria Izabel...I have on JEANS and Black Boots....I told you I would post picture of me in REAL CLOTHES haha
Miriah, Kya and Candy

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

P R I N C E S S A....

I am a PRINCESS with 2 teeth
I am a PRINCESS who loves to stick out my tounge
I am a PRINCESS trying not to smile
This is my 1st Christmas Santa Hat my Nana bought me
I am a PRINCESS who is sick of the camera being in her face
Happy Holidays....Turkey and and Santa Hat
I am a big girl sitting in my chair now
See I am a PRINCESS with Dimples too

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Grandpa Teel...Love's me LOTS!

My Grandpa Teel also came over to spend time with us while we were at Grandma's. He totally fell in love with Kya and came back the next morning to play with her more. My Grandpa is such a wonderful man and has played a very important roll in my life and I am so glad he gets to be in Kya's life now. We Love you Lots too Grandpa

My Grandpa Teel can not get enough of me
Grandpa and Kya at the airport
Kya and My Aunt Linda who really surprised us at the airport...
Hey Grandpa you want to come back over to play tomorrow?
Yes Kya Blu I would not miss it for the world.

Kelly's Tea Room..Punky Bunkie Pic's

I was so sad when I found out we were going to be missing Halloween by one day when we came home....I really wanted pictures of Kya at the pumpkin patch. WELL Kelly's Tea Room saved the day. They had a whole little set up of pumpkins that were perfect for a photo shoot. This was my favorite place to eat while I was in collage.

This picture is for Juanita and Patty in Guatemala...its there little Punky Bunky...
Hey Pa Pa where are you? You would really love this bench.
My Mommy is REALLY HAPPY to be at her old collage stomping grounds
Hey Buddy....all you get are those hard acorns...your mommy should buy you a soft bunny like me
I will take the baked Potato soup please...Kelly's Tea Room is in Tahlequah OK and is a wonderful place to eat.
Goodbye FALL hello WINTER

Monday, November 27, 2006

BABY DIVIDED...Bedlam 2006

Now we get to go to the championship game...and TEXAS IS OUT...WOO HOO

We had a FANtastic day at Uncle Mike and Aunt Janets watching the BIG game with a bunch of OSU fans. It was a great game...both teams brought there game...but OU pulled it off. OU won by 6 points. We then had a Weeny Roast and celebrated Uncle Mike's, Ashley, and Jerry's birthdays.

Grandma, Kya Blu Angelica and Miriah...waiting for the big game
Hey Grandma what do you think Grandpa would think about the ORANGE half of this outfit my mommy got me?
Hey Jerry...Your the MAN!
KOOL and the Gang!!!
Bob Stoops...wait thats not Bob Stoops thats Kya's Daddy
Nothing better than hanging out with Grandma

Dana Lynn and Kya Blu striking a pose...Kya even had an OU and OSU hair bow on each side of her hair.

Kya Blu and her Nana

My Mom can't stand being away from Kya. They had alot of fun Playing it UP...over at Grandma's house.
Nana you better be careful that fish will come right off the wall...
I sure am glad you think this fish is FUNNY Nana
We love our X mas PJ's...
See Nana I told you this stinky ole fish is trying to steal my KISSES!
Nana Loves YOU Miss Kya Blu!!!

Turkey Day 2006

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving and Kya got to meet and play with so many of her cousins. She is so the center of attention...just the way she likes it. Wonder where she gets that kind of behavior from haha. There were 22 of us spending the day togethere at my Dad's house then we were off the Shawn's Sisters House. Kya was wonderful as always and she really had alot of fun. I guess we all know what we were thankful for this year...the chance to be together as a in the good old USA.

Girls Gone Goofy...I sure love all four of these silly girls. My god daughter Miriah, my cousins Paige and Whitney and my baby girl Kya Blu
Christie Paige my Step Mom and my Step brother Brandon Lucus and his family
Jerry gets a PIE in the face...from Paige Lynn
Clockwise..My Dad JD, Uncle Mike, Shawn, Paige Lynn, Jerry, Dana Lynn and My Grandma
My Mom, Miriah, Kya Blu with her Paddy Cake Bear, Whitney, and Aunt Janet
The Pie in Paige's face.

Paige Lynn and Candy Paige Murnan
Nana, Kya and Grandma....Kya loved Grandma's Ice
OU IS # 1 why are so many of these fruit cakes wearing ORANGE?
Me and my Gang...there were 23 of us at my Dads house on Turkey Day
Me and Miriah little OSU fan

We have come along way BABY...Love ya Lots and now we have our own Guate Tot!!!
Jerry and Kya Blu....She loves Jerry
Kya Blu, Mommy and the good Ole Gobbler
Me and my Cousin Dana Lynn
Me and my cousin Whitney

Stop #2 for the day was at Tony and Brandi's...Kya could not wait to play with Jakob
Got to love my $22 hair bows right DAD?
Jakob has been collecting all of HIS TOYS to give to was so sweet

Always wear a hard hat when playing with Jakob....hehe