Monday, August 27, 2007

Our Last Summer Texas Fling

Well My pictures came today from Picture People that was less than 48 hours...but that ZAZZLA through them is for the are a few more Kya Halloween Pics. We are going back to TX for a week so I will not be posting much or getting to read my fav BLOGS for a week...yikes I hope I make it...LOL...I really am a BLOG the way my TODDLER can get out of her crib now...OH NO!!!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

The GREAT family weekend Adventures

OK, the FIRST thing I want to do is explain to every one what is up with us calling ourselves The GREAT FAMILY. When my GREAT Husband was a kid he signed his name SHAWN THE GREAT instead of using his last name. So now he calls me MOMMY the GREAT and Kya is DOODLE the GREAT. But speaking of GREAT…we had a GREAT weekend.

First my GREAT Husband took me on our FIRST alone date in 17 months. My GREAT mom came down after a long day at work and watched Doodle the GREAT for us. WOW…I never realized how much we needed to do this…The food was GREAT and the Conversation was GREAT too. I would say this date was better than GREAT it was PERFECT.

Saturday was spent Shopping for Miss Kya Blu and eating lunch at a GREAT place where we could sit outside; Kya loved that. My GREAT friend Alicia came over to Play with Doodle the GREAT Saturday night. My GREAT Mom is making Doodle the GREAT a bunch of cute Halloween dresses so we bought the material and supplies to make them.

On SUNDAY we went to Picture People and had some GREAT pictures of Doodle the GREAT taken in her five HALLOWEEN costumes. You see, we missed being in the USA on HALLOWEEN by one day last year so we are making up for it this year…with five GREAT Costumes…HAHA! I love the pictures and of course, they are GREAT…but what is not GREAT is that it take 48 hours for them to email them to me…well I could not make my GREAT BLOG BUDDIES wait 48 hours so I took Pictures of the Pictures…yup I know I am a GREAT DORK!! While waiting for our pictures Doodle the GREAT found a new boyfriend, Gilbert and took his hand and took off out of the store with him…we all thought it was GREAT and FUNNY…Oh all of us except Daddy the GREAT. I think Daddy the GREAT is getting a little worried about our boy crazy girly girl. After the Photo Shoot…we went to the GREATEST restaurant on earth…any guesses??? That right Cheesecake Factory. So Cheesecake Factory has been open for 4 days and Mommy the GREAT, Doodle the GREAT and Aunt Lala the GREAT have already been there twice.
I know I have said GREAT enough…but really I have the GREATEST HUSBAND, GREATEST DAUGHTER, GREATEST MOM and GREATEST FRIEND in the GREAT BIG WORLD!!! They all put up with me and pretty much let me be the BOSS….So for now,


KYA BLU...The GREAT Candy Corn!!!

What a little LADY bug

Funky Monkey Girl

Ethel Pauline this Butterfly in the Punkin Patch is for you!!! (My Nana passed away when I was in 7th grade...she was so NANA the GREAT and her favorite animals were Butterflies, so when I saw this costume we had to have it)
OK this is something I would have wanted to be as a child...and PRINCESS CHEERLEADER does it get any better than that!!!
Candy Corn and Dimples too SWEET
The SERIOUS LadyBug...thinking seriously I want this headband OFF MY HEAD ALREADY
Oh my Precious Butterfly...may you always have WINGS to FLY
Hey, I can't get these Banana's together like I can my toys...but If I stick my tongue out it might just work
This is SO my little Monkeys "LOOK"
This is how I am going to have them framed
Come on Gilbert lets blow this joint...
Yes I really am a PRINCESS CHEERLEADER...Do you play Football???

Hurry Gilbert lets go over here to Macy's my Mom said they are having a GREAT shoe sale. Did you bring your Wallet??? HAHA
Gilbert was really hamming it up...and Kya was very serious about her new boy.
Kya got the GREAT Aunt Lala in her tent with her for some singing and clapping.
May I introduce THE GREAT FAMILY!!!
First Picture attempt...Daddy the GREAT and Doodle the GREAT being Silly and making Mommy the GREAT laugh!
Getting ready for our BIG DATE...Shawn the GREAT you are not only a GREAT DATE but an Awesome Husband and Daddy!
Daddy the GREAT kissing his Doodle the GREAT goodbye
The GREAT girls
BELOW...Mom thank you so much for chasing MISS Kya Blu the GREAT hand full around all really are the GREATEST Mom and Nana is the world!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

GUATOBERFEST here we come!!!

I hope you all are LOVIN my new BLOG HEADING...Thanks to Shannon and her friend Betsy we have gone HOLLYWOOD!!!
Whats new in our world...well Kya Blu got a hair cut, Mommy is HAPPY because Cheesecake Factory Opened Today and we were one of the first in line, but the best news is WE ARE GOING TO GUATOBERFEST...I am a little late posting about Guatoberfest but its not to late to sign up to go.
Date: October 5 - 8, 2007
Location: Atlanta, GA
If you are interested in going check out these girls blogs and email them or . You can also email me or call me and I will fill you all in.
Before my Haircut
Boy they must really want me to sit still...they gave me a remote and...
A Green Lolly Pop
Me, Mommy, Daddy, and Aunt LaLa Rock the Grand Opening of CHEESECAKE FACTORY...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Red Fish-Blue Fish... Alive Fish-Dead Fish

Another Day hanging out at our FAV TEA ROOM and then we got to see some fish...some Alive and some YUCK Dead! My Mom made this cute little dress for Kya out of a dress we bought at Old Navy. THANKS NANA..

Kya seeing the Fish at the Aquarium for the first time...Love the sweet smile on her face
Kya moving Aunt LaLa's hand to the glass to see if she could touch the fish
Look Mom....I think he is a BOY FISH...LOL
DEAD FISH...I know you are thinking WHAT THE HECK...Dead fish head on fence post...Totally Redneck
You might be a redneck and live in OKLAHOMA if you have a DEAD FISH HEAD on ALL your fence posts...we saw this while driving...No this is not MY FENCE...LOL
Oh Mommy you are so funny with your REDNECK FISH PICTURES
Yup I pretty much need a hair cut
My nana made my dress a LITTLE FANCY...with Bling Bling that says SPOILED ROTTEN
Not again, what is up with my mom and this bench I always have to sit on???
I love my Tubby Time...I got new Tubby Drums
Brusha Brusha Brusha this is how we Brusha

Monday, August 20, 2007

Almost Famous on the NEWS

Well we had some pretty exciting NEWS...Kya Blu got to be on the NEWS with the weather man...she was a HAM and Mommy was very Proud. She will be signing autographs at Guatoberfest in Atlanta....LOL!!!
I love you my little DAISY MAE
Thats nice mommy...but I love Ice Cream Sundays
I really love them when I get to feed myself
Oh WAIT...I see the best part
My Nana came over and brought me more Bubbles and I am trying so hard to blow them...if only I knew how to BLOW
Ok now chase me NANA....he he you can't catch me

Let me explain this picture...this is my old key chain and kya gets it and goes to the back door and hollers GO GO at 11pm the other night we got in the car and just drove around...she was laughing and giggling the whole happy that she has even MOMMY wrapped around her little finger!
We were at my frined and neighbors house Debbie...she has a 4year old Brook...Brook took Kya to her bedroom to play...this is what we found when we went to see why it was so quiet!

Brook calls this Babysitting Baby Kya...she was holding her and letting her watch Barney...then the excitement began...the girls got to be on the news that night on the weather show.