Tuesday, July 25, 2006


Party all the time ....Party all the time....Kya the Princessa and Pearl the Cali Punk Rocker...went Club'in in the concierges lounge...they even had TGIF cater the event....thanks to Todd, Pearls Dad...Whoa...watch out Britney and Paris...Kya and Pearl are on the scene now! Soon Todd and Shawn will not only be fighting off all the Boys...but the Paparazzi as well!



Pearl says you better watch out Uncle Drew....Kya thinks Mommy is Funnier than You!!!

Hey Jen where did you learn to be so funny?

Kya and Pearl taking in the Show that Candy and Jen were performing....I guess we were not funny enough for Miss Pearl.....She is looking at us like I hope these girls have a day job!!!

We will..We will....ROCK YOU!

HAHA I got another man to hold a stuffed animal...Kya's Mommy is too Funny...This is the Kya and Pearl Entourage....Todd the Bodygard...Jen the Agent...and Candy the Hair stylist...Pablo the Penguin we keep him around for black tie events!

Check out Pearls Hair...now you know where she got the nick name PUNK ROCK PEARL....that and her trendy...LA Clothes...Yes, don't worry I jumped to the front of the line for Pearl's hand me downs.

Heeeeyyy YA...Hey YA...Raise your hands in the air and wave them everywhere.....so Cali the Diva hanging with the Rock Star....We miss you already Jen and Pearl


Anonymous said...

Nana says: Kya, what wonderful, fun friends you have!! Nana wishes I was there to play too. Your mommy & Aunt Cassie and Aunt Lala can teach you all about dressing to the nines to go to Punk Rock Pearl's concerts--you should've seen them when they went to see Cher and Aerosmith's Steven Tyler Woo Hoo!! Just get Pearl's address now so you won't have to go knocking on strange doors to see if that's where she lives--HA!

Kya Blu's Mommy Candy...aka KiKi said...

Oh mom What is this now you think you as funny as me....wait it is me thats funny because what you wrote is sooooo true. I cracking up...we love you candy and kya blu

Anonymous said...

Nana say: Kya just wait til I can tell u about your mommy "the wind" and her pillow headed friend Amy"Poppins" U mommy is sooo entertaining!!

Anna H. said...

Pearl! Jen and Todd!

I love seeing you guys all together -- you're having so much fun!