Sunday, July 23, 2006

Tour de Guatemala City

We went on a little tour of Guatemala City on Saturday with Hugo. Shawn loved it because the van had AC...I loved it because I got to go to a childrens store and shop for Kya...We drove to all the Nice Zones in the city zona 14-15 and drove up the Road to El Salvador. We also went to the town center. We then went to eat at a mexican reasturant and then to the grocery store for more bottled water and batteries for all of Kya's toys.

The Murnan Clan looking over Guatemala City on the Road to El Salvador

The Old Church in the Town Center

Nice View of the can see the Marriott out there somewhere..

Kya and Ki Ki...Kya holding on to my Hair as usual!

These are the homes in the poor part of the city

The Fountian and the guy pushing the cart...hehe oh and pegions!

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PaPa Murnan said...

So nice for a family to have the opportunity to go out on a Sunday drive. I can't wait to show Kya the sights at Ruthdale.