Sunday, September 24, 2006

Wiggle Worm's love TILE FLOORS

Kya rolls and scoots her self all over the place now...she loves to move off her play area and on to the cold floor...It's a good thing they clean the floor everyday here...not sure what we're going to do when we get home hehe!
Every time I turn my back this is how I find Kya when I turn around...
Off her blanket and on to the TILE and LOVING IT!!!
Meio...which means MINE in Spanish...Kya LOVES the hard cold tile...silly girl
If you look really close you will see a BUG bite my face and my Mommy Is not happy about it at all.
My Mom says we have tile in our kitchen at home...I can't wait to feel it!

Oh I love how this feels and I love to smack the tile with my hands to hear the sound it makes too

Lake Rats

We spent last Saturday with my good friend Velveth and her family. They have been truly wonderful to me while I have been her in Guatemala. Velveth wants to make sure I see as much of "her Guatemala" as I can while I am here. She only gets one day off a week and has spent a lot of those with me taking me and Kya all over Guatemala City. She had been wanting me to come to her house for dinner and we hope my time here is almost over so we decided we better get it done. The Lake was fun and I tasted all kinds of food...something called CRAZY CORN..which is corn on the cob with Ketchup, Mayo, Mustard and rolled in Parmesan cheese...YUCK for me. I did like the roasted corn with lime and salt though. Then I got a coconut that you stick the straw in and drink it. And then I tried all kinds of candy from vendors there. Then we went to Velveths and ate Tamales....She LOVES THE TAMALES...On the way to her house she asked me if I knew why some of the houses had a red light out in front...I said Ummm Hookers...they died laughing...what it means here is FRESH TAMALES made here. It was FUNNY. It is a tradition to eat tamales on Saturday nights in Guatemala and you can buy them at any home that has a red light on.

Velveth, Kya Blu and the SKY RIDE at Lake Amatitlan
Velveth's Hubby Rapheal and her daughter Sophia...Riding HIGH!!!
Some of the boats on the lake I liked all the bright colors of the boats
But not the GREEN and I mean GREEN water! This lake in the 70's was the HOT SPOT for all the Rich and Famous here in Guatemala but then the lake went down hill so there are mansions all along the lake that were abandon and now they are all run down.
They are working on the lake just opened for people to see 6 months ago.
These are some of the NICE HOMES built in the 70's and then abandoned...when the lake got YUCK! It is crazy to see such Nice Homes and a lake that pretty in such bad shape.
Are You seeing SPOTS...I was for sure when I found out not only does the SKY RIDE go over the green lake but also UP the Mountain...HIGH

OH Please buy me a big girl BIKE daddy!

We went to Velveths house and Kya was loving riding Sophia's Bike...When she is around Sophia who is 16 months Kya thinks she can do all that Sophia does and she watches her every move.

What did you say this rear view mirror was good for mommy....Oh yea to see all the people you are leaving in the dust...haha....Like Daddy and Papa on the way home from OKC....
See dad this one has handle bars and everything...
I know if I smile just like this that my Daddy will buy me my very own BIG GIRL BIKE!!!
My First Adidas outfit...I was laughing all I can think about is "MR. ADIDAS" Matt from Collage......our friend who ONLY WORE ADIDAS.
And my PAPA will be telling everyone I am training for the Tour De FRANCE...he likes to take a story and make it....well a little bit better story.


Two hair doos in one day...from a hat to a bow...Kya loves her books!
LOOKING CUTE!!! I give it ***** 5 STARS
Mom does a Kitty say MEOW!!!
AND I am trying to send you all a BIG OLE KISS!!!

I could go to Church at the Potter's House (TD JAKES) wearing this HAT!

Today I want to ask all of you to pray for all of us stuck in PGN or stuck KO'd of PGN. Please pray that all the babies WILL GET TO COME HOME!!! and the sooner the better!
I can touch my TOES!
Rain Rain go away come again another day! A KYA LOOK...daddy did you have to buy me a outfit with a HAT? You know how mom is about HATS and she won't put the Flashing thing up.
Sure I will SMILE when I am not looking in the Camera!
This is the church, this is the steeple, Open it up and see all of the people!

A Room Fit For A QUEEN

I have had some requests to see Kya's room. My mom spent so much of her time making this a truly special place for Kya to grow up in. She is a great artist, mom and nana. I know Kya is going to love being in here. Me and her dad could not stay out of her room when we were home. It just makes you smile to be in there.

This Picture was taken before we knew about even before she was born she was not NAKED!!!
Tree Frogs
My Mom had this chair made for Kya out of an old chenille bed spread....LOVE IT!
Kya's Stuff
All I need is a hammack and some SUN!!!
THE ARTIST....and the one who made this little princess's room into a truly WONDERFUL place to be....used to be My MOM...Now Known as KYA'S NANA....thanks so much mom for all your hard work...can't wait to see her little smiling face when she see's her new room...we love ya!


In case it's just another MANIC MONDAY!!!

Well I know a lot of us could use a good LAUGH this Monday morning so here you go!!! I put Kya Blu "ANGELICA" in her bumbo chair to watch Backyardigans while I washed her bottles before bed...remember this is all right before bed...does she look tired to you? I don't know where she got this move from...but they were doing the LIMBO on the Backyardigans...So I guess Kya thought she would give it a try.

I am still down here mommy...see what a good girl I am turn back around PLEASE!
UH UH UH....HI MOM....NO I am not Up to anything at all...HeHeHe
WHOOO HOOOO its a free for all down here!
Well I have been BUSTED so I guess I will just go back to chewing on these stinkin Keys!
Oh yea..I was having FUN and she ran for that thing that FLASHES IN MY FACE! So Now I am sitting here contemplating what my next move should be.
Can you see the CRAZY look in my MOM'S eyes...We are two squirrels going NUTS to get out of PGN!!!
Well She is laughing really hard so I guess I will show her my TRICK again!!!
If YOU could see what I see....Everyday...YOU couldn't help but SMILE too....Kya is my little squirrelly Q Girly Q

Friday, September 22, 2006

Little Red Riding Hood and her BOY!

Kya's Daddy bought her the cutest little Red Riding Hood outfit and she can't wait to wear it to grandma's house. We had a Pizza Party with John, Jared and Ayden...then we had steak and movie night. Never a dull moment when the boys are in town. Kya a Ayden are getting so big the had fun playing together. Sorry not many Pictures this week but the internet has been down most of the week.

Oh Goody...Mommy says Little Red Riding Hood gets to go to Grandma's soon!

Kya's BOY...Ayden Michael....he is all smiles when you say Tickle Tickle
Posted twice for some see Kya's arm is she patting him on the back...or trying to push him over?????
It is like 10pm and Mom decided we needed a photo Shoot...Can't you tell I am thrilled!
That does not sound funny to me Ayden why are you laughing so hard?
Guatemalan DOLLS!