Thursday, June 29, 2006

ITS ALL ABOUT YOU DADDY...& you better enjoy it because from now on it's all about ME

Talk about Mom bringing out the she always like this? She must really love you Daddy to do this while she is sick. Speaking of her being sick...she has lost her voice so I don't know what to think because you know all she does is talk and sing to me all day. I miss you too Daddy and can't wait for you to see me again. Love you, Kya Blu...your lil 4th of July Sparkler!!!

OK Daddy are you ready for this...Mommy wants me to know all about you so she gave me all your favorite things today.

Yes its true I'm posing...This has been passed down for generations on the Ewing Girl side of the Family...I was also asking how old is Jakob?...Oh 4...fixing to be 5

Lets see if this spoon will stick to my nose!

This spoon sure is good...just wait till I am old enough to sit on my dads lap and actually get to eat out of HIS peanut butter jar.

GOTCHA!!!! Now Daddy make sure you use these wipes not the Clorox wipes...MY Butt is burning My Butt is Burning....haha

I am NUT'S for you daddy!

Melt in your mouth not in your hands....Daddy's favorite kind of Candy...except for my Mom!

Don't forget to SPRAY dad...I am as stinky as YOU!

I am sorry to tell you but you have lost all control of the remote...from now on its Backyardagins, Barney, Lazy Town, Dora, Diago, Seasme Street....Now TV is all about ME!

I hear you have "A THING" for nail clipers...just don't do it when moms in the room!

What my own Cell Phone at age 3 Rock DAD!


Sandy said...

That photo shoot was so cute! You need to help Holly find some props so Gia can do one for Zo.

Holly G. said...

Candy, I think you are the NUT!!! I can't believe she stayed still for that. Can't wait to see you guys on Saturday. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Kya Blu's Mommy Candy...aka KiKi said...

I am the NUT...Thats why U make a good friend for you...your just as Nutty. You know your going to copy for ZO...even Sandy knows that. Thanks for signing out blog Sandy...

Kya's Daddy said...

These are the most precious pictures any Dad could ever get. Kya's Mommy did great. Love to my doodle bugs.

Nan Galica said...

I love that you put that together for Daddy as he's so far away. That has to be hard for the guys.

I hope you feel better soon too!

Nan, Riley's mami from