Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Nap Time with the Backyardigans

Kya Really loves her Backyardigans stuffed animals...She plays with them all the time...pulling Uniqua's antenna's and biting Pablo's nose...I hope she does not do that to other kids...hehe...

I have no cloths but I am not totally naked...I HAVE A HAIR BOW!..I get my hair bows at a store in The Woodlands TX.

Wuz up?

Drinking my bottle with my best pals!

My Super Model pose

I love this Show!

I can't wait until my Daddy wins all the backyardigans on EBAY....Thanks Dad


Aunt LaLa said...

i don't think she could get any cuter!!! She is the cutest naked baby i have ever seen, oops, not naked she has a hair bow!!! I am sure she will never leave the house without one.... Can't wait to kiss on that cute belly of hers!! Love Aunt Lala

Anonymous said...

Nana says: I seem to remember a nakedy baby girl who had her clothes off everytime I turned around--U know what? She NEVER outgrew it!! U payin for U raisin Candance!!