Sunday, July 23, 2006

I can sing and dance like the Pirates of Penzance

The best thing about my Daddy coming is not all the toys he brings....its when he sings and dances to get me to laugh.....he sings something like..."I can sing and dance, I can sing and dance, like the Pirates of makes my mommy laugh too..I am not sure but I think he could win $10,000 on Americas Funniest Videos...if we recorded it. I am so glad he is MY daddy!!!!


OH, I love my new Hop and Pop....And I hold on real tight too

My dad sings and dances much better than Barney...he needs his OWN show.

Night number 2 in my Hop and PoP....This is SOOOOO fun!

I am in my PJ's but the minute the Camera came out my mom ran for a HAIR BOW!


PaPa Murnan said...

Once again the beautiful and lovely Kya Blu steals the show. Daddy may be singing the tune but the smile from my favorite granddaughter lights up the room better than any Hollywood spotlight.

Aunt LaLa said...

She is such a doll... I LOVE the smile and the dimples.. I can't wait to kiss those little cheeks!!!! I want to know why we don't get to see a pic of Daddy doing his little dance.. I know he is a pretty awesome dancer!!!

Kya Blu's Mommy Candy...aka KiKi said...

Ok Kya watched daddy dance and sing on the web cam today...and she was CRACKING was pretty cool to know for sure that she knew it was him on the web cam...she sends a hug and kiss to her daddy...the tecno, moonwalkin, door falling awesome Dance machine!