Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Kya's First Play Date at Our House!!!

YIPPPEEE...Kya and her mommy have new friends!!! Those of you who know me know I NEVER meet a stranger, well I met Jennifer at Dillards where she works. Come to find out she has a daughter named Ali who is 4 days older than Kya and they only live about 10 minutes from us. They came over for the first time today and it was really Fun. Fun for mommy to have another mommy to talk to. Fun for Kya to stick to Ali like glue. I learned that I do not hve the right kind of sippy cups for Kya. But the big news of the day is that ALI WALKED for the first time today at our house!!! YOU GO ALI!!!!
I can't belive my eyes...tell me its true...another real live human baby
Let me show you how happy I am by Hugging you a BUNCH
Kya Blu's New TOO CUTE Friend ALI
Let me show you how to pour my sippy cup all over your shirt
Yes its true ALI my mom will keep flashing that shiny thing at you all day if you keep looking at her
Now listen here....PLAY WITH ME...not my mommy

Monday, January 29, 2007

A Duck Out Of Water..Quack Quack

We Finally blew up her bath tub duck that I bought about 4 months before we got her referral. This Duck totally QUACKS her up...when daddy pushes his beak!!!

OH I LOVE MY DUCK...I am so glad you are full of so much HOT AIR blew this baby up fast!!!
This face has KISS ME written all over it!
Oh Nana you are so SILLY
What this Duck goes in the bath tub too....where are me and mommy going to set?
If I stick my tongue out far enough I might be able to catch the snot running down my nose before my mommy grabs and rag to wipe it....I really don't like my face wiped!!!
Nana did you buy me this OSU sweat suit....Does the bank give you a clothing allowance...a Kya Clothing allowance? HA HA
Pistol Pete's Side Kick

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Kya Guest Stars in CSI

Big John brought all these Hats home for Miss Kya Blu!!!

Hey Grissom, Can I be the lead Invistigator on this case? Oh yea and my mommy wants to meet Nick.
This Room Key ought to do it...Its a master Key for the Montecito Hotel and lets get to that crime scene...I will be working with Danny who is head of security over there...Oh yea my Mommy and My Aunt La la REALLYwant to meet him...Oh wait now I am with the CIA...I know all your secrets now!!!
This Flash Light ought to do the trick.
I think the hat says it all....poor baby looks like she is on the other side of the LAW in this Picture
Get this stinkin hat off my head
Ok who do I want to be now...CSI, CIA, NARC, or FBI
CSI in hiding

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Pancakes and Fruitcakes

Pancake=Kya had her first Chocolate Chip Pancakes last week. We ventured out into the ICE to have IHOP.
Fruitcake=What the heck does big John have on his head?

OH MY GOSH...Pan a cakes with chocolate chips and whip cream

I must have been a GOOD LITTLE GIRL


This is us with my cousins. All of them have babies too. It was so fun to get to hang out with them. They all live in TX

Why does BIG JOHN have a bra on his head?

A. He really wants to feel close to Alicia

B. He is into cross dressing but is not quite sure where to put the bra.


C. He is using it as ear muffs in this freezing cold weather

If you guessed C you would be correct. You will also be correct if you think he is going to WACK me for putting this on my BLOG

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My Little Cow Girl

Daddy...I am your DOODLE

My Hubby is now Mr. FTD
He sent me these Roses when he was gone last ya honey
Hanging with the girls

Nana did you buy me this dress?

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Little BROWN Bear

We have got our share of ICE and SNOW these last few weeks here in OKLAHOMA. Everytime we went out to eat Kya got to wear her Lil Bear outfit.


Honey Bear

Chillin Bear
What did you say? I can't hear you!!!
Kya and Aunt La La
Kya and Mommy...looking like crap
Please take me back to 80 degree weather so I can get out of this stinkin bear suit

Friday, January 19, 2007

Eskimo Kisses

Kya Blu would like to wish her Bububububu Caleb James a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! We love you CJ!!!

You People LOOKIN AT ME?
Big Jon thinks he is the tickle monster
now he is a Airplane
Flyin High
Cake makes my nose wrinkle
Cake and the Wiggles...Uncle Jon...You Rock
SHHHH...don't tell mommy I ate all the CAKE