Monday, July 31, 2006

You may say I'm a DREAMER...but I'm not the only one...

Well, My Dream came true...I finally have a precious baby girl to put in these John Lennon PJ's that I bought 4 years ago....and boy is she a cutie pie in them..

My Bow is almost the same size as my mommy is now combining two bows to make a bigger bow...


Sticking my tongue out like this helps me set up...Kind of like when my mom puts on her mascara...she sticks out her tongue...I guess it helps her get it on straight.

Chillin on my Throne

Saturday, July 29, 2006

You are so Beautiful to me

Another Saturday here in Guatemala city. We have two friends here right now who are back for visit trips and I have met two of my "blog fans" in the last few days...Its so nice to meet people who have been keeping up with our journey. Connie and her mom...aka..Sophia Loren..hehe..took a few pictures of Kya and I together today...per daddy's request. My sweet husband wanted to see a picture of me as bad as Kya...AWWWW....I love you Honey. I want to thank everyone who reads our blog...I just found out a bunch of my forum friends are reading. My hubby just created a guestbook for me so please sign it and let me know you were here. You can also leave a comment even if you are not a member; you just pick anonymous and then sign your name when typing the comment.

To Daddy...For your eyes only...Only for you! From YOUR KIKI

You are so Beautiful to me...

Can't you seeeeeeeee

Your everything I hoped for...

Your everything I dreamed....You are so Beautiful to me!!!!

Passed out at the Pool...The Girls of Summer...just in case you don't know that is an Aerosmith song...which by the way they were playing Aerosmith by the pool today...Yipeee...I think Kya liked it...hehe

You Light up my Life!!!

When I see you Smile

Your my Angel

Where have I seen this face before? OH YEA this is the Miriah Face, the one you get when you ask her a question while she is playing X-Box or watching TV...You know its true sister girl!

Mommy you are so funny you should have your own show....I know Kya that's what I have been trying to tell people for years....HAHA

Staying on the Sunny Side...with a silly baby girl!!!

Its hard to keep a Mommy down when you wake up to a smiling baby girl every morning!
The Sunny Side of the Ki Ki and Kya Marriott stay
  • Fresh sheets...every single day...."sweet" $65 a day
  • Breakfast served to order and delivered to our room everyday. $3 a day
  • Daddy learning how to keep the house he can help me when we get home. FREE and no complaints can you believe it!
  • Kya's Nana coming to visit soon...SHOPPING...TOO MUCH MONEY!
  • Waking up to a laughing and cooing baby...who is MY DAUGHTER....PRICELESS

You make the world a beautiful place...Kya Blu...even a 100sq ft hotel room!

This is what we do while we are waiting on mommy's breakfast...get ready for a BATH and I love it.

Hurry Mommy get the bath water "Just right"

No I did not sleep in this Hair Bow...but i wouldn't put it past my mommy!

Move over Tinker Bell and the Fairy God Mother...I have my own Wand...

I have to have my Wand all the time lights up, spins and vibrates...I just wish i could fit it in my mouth...hehe

HAHAHAHA..did you really think i was going to cooperate for this photo shoot?

After the bath....a wet noodle...who rolls all over the bathroom floor

What mom you want more have been snapping them since we woke up.

Friday, July 28, 2006

The Last Bug a Boo!!!

I had to put the Lady Bug outfit on one last time...poor baby had on high waters in these pictures...she is getting so big...this is the first outfit she has out grown. If you are following our case we got Kicked Out of PGN on Friday July 21st and went back in with our Pre Approval on Monday July 24th. We found out that we were Kicked Out again today July 28th and will be going back in on Monday July 31st. Although we dislike having another Kick Out...We are thrilled to know they were already looking at our case again. Please pray with us that we will go back in on Monday July 31st and this time come out for good on Friday August 4th. That would be awesome!

The Last Bug a Boo...nothing like going out with a smile on your face!

Mommy took this picture of me UP SIDE DOWN...did anyone notice she is a little UP SIDE DOWN her self...hehe

My Lashes getting longer all the time....these are my Princess PJ"s Pearl gave me.

Ok now how many weeks have we been living here...Oh yea TEN...hey I am about to run out of fingers to count them on....let me go home PLEASE!

My Mommy is the tickle bug!!!

A bottle and a bunny and a cute Bug a Boo!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

I know how to get my Daddy on an airplane fast...I will SIT UP!!!

What am I going to do, my BABY GIRL is growing up...She is trying so hard to sit up on her own now and today she did...she was watching cartoons....i have a little TV junkie....Big HUGS from us we miss you all soooooo Much!

My Bumbo seat is working...I can sit up by my self for a few I big or what
Getcha getcha...Animal... mommy's US Magizine got in the Shot!
Thinking about getting my Bottle back
Hey YOU thats MINE!
Kya has Animal around the neck...she thinks she is a bouncer...maybe she can work for her uncle Tony...hahah
get your filthy paws off my bottle!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Pink Bows and Piggy Tails!

We are really having a hard time lately....lots of problems here and we are SO ready to come home. I don't want any of our family to miss the fun things Kya does each day. I thought these cute piggy tails might cheer us up. Thanks to everyone who has sent me nice emails to cheer me up! I am so ready to be sitting on my Grandma's front porch playing with Kya, drinking NORMAL Ice Tea, and visiting.

This is how I feel about having to sit still to get these stinking piggy tails!
Talk about sticking your foot in your mouth!
Giggle Box
The step just before you stick your foot in your mouth...hehe..and after the pig tails came out....
I have figured out the I drop Mommy picks up game....Terrific!
This was too funny she was asleep and the AC came on and was blowing on her so she grabbed her PINK bunny and put on her head to block the air.If your Happy and you know it clap your hands...

Nap Time with the Backyardigans

Kya Really loves her Backyardigans stuffed animals...She plays with them all the time...pulling Uniqua's antenna's and biting Pablo's nose...I hope she does not do that to other kids...hehe...

I have no cloths but I am not totally naked...I HAVE A HAIR BOW!..I get my hair bows at a store in The Woodlands TX.

Wuz up?

Drinking my bottle with my best pals!

My Super Model pose

I love this Show!

I can't wait until my Daddy wins all the backyardigans on EBAY....Thanks Dad