Sunday, July 09, 2006


We are Happy to Announce that I am Officially Kya Blu's Foster Mom...We now have the documents to prove it! We received the Documents at 11am on Saturday and at 12pm we were out of here. Velveth and her family invited us to spend the day with them. First we went to IETRA PETAPA...It is a park about 20 miles from the hotel. PETAPA has a zoo, amusement park, playground, picnic area, and soccer fields. Velveth's sister Monica and her family met us there. We really had a blast. The Guatemalan are such beautiful and family oriented people. I am pretty sure I was the only American in the park...But it did not seem to matter. Velveth and her family were laughing because they did not charge me to get in...They said I must look Guatemalan now since I have been here so long...The Guatemalan people have to give 5% of their pay checks to the government to keep the parks running and then they get to use them for free. We then went to eat at TGIF....yippppeee. American was great. They were also playing all my favorite songs from back in the day in TGIF. American was great too! Juan Carlos, Monica's Husband told the waiter that it was mine and Velveth Birthdays soon and we had to get up and dance and sing with the waiters. Velveth Birthday is July 11, same as my Aunt Janet. My birthday is July 12. After FRIDAYS we went to one of Rapheal's cousins baby shower. I got to go to a normal Guatemalan neighborhood where they live in houses that look like apartments and you enter through the garage. His cousins own a little store that sells drinks. Everyone at the baby shower went GaGa for Kya of course...but they could not get over that I did not have her wrapped up like it was snowing...when it is 80 degrees outside. HUMMMMM! Today Sunday the 9th I left Kya laying beside her little bed on my bed to wash bottles. I had hung her passy on the side of the bed. When I walked back in the room she had got it off the bed and into her mouth...I could not believe it...she is a smart little cookie. Mommy is still outsmarting her for now though. She pulls her passy out of her mouth with the ribbon that latches to her shirt. So I put one passy in her mouth and one in her hand. I will try to get a picture tomorrow to show you. We can't wait for more adventures here in Guatemala.

Sophia and Kya Blu.....Sophia looking at Kya like hey what you doing in my dinosaur Egg. They are sitting in a HUGE DINO EGG that is a swing in the park.

Kya Waving "HI" to all her family and friends in the USA

Sophia saying, "Just one minute, I thought you put us in here to swing us not for a photo shoot."

Kya Blu just Chill'in before the Bird pooped on her blanket...YUCK!

This Picture speaks for its self.....I LOVE MOMMY!

Monica's son Carlos Andread stilling a kiss from Kya...

This Tree is at the entrance of Petapa! It reminds me of the trees from the Old Strawberry shortcake Movies.

Monica, Juan Carlos, Carlos Andread, Raphael, Sophia and Velveth. Velveth and her sister had their babies five days apart April 5th and April 10th.

Now Velveth taking a picture with Kya and I in it. We are ready for a Fun Filled Day at Petapa!

Kya and KiKi in the bird habitat...can't you see the excitement in Kya's face...haha

Velveth and Sophia!

These are some houses you can see from the park. I thought it was so interesting that you have a nice brick house next to a shanty. I don't think this would go over in Forest Ridge. I also learned that 90% of families do not have clothes dryers here, they still hang there cloths on the line.


Kya was really smiling at this crazy chicken...maybe she thought he had hair like her DADDY...Gotcha honey

This is a planta plant....I knew my Grandma Paige would want to see this.


Pretty Bird...Polly want a Cracker!

Two seals chasing their tails...this seems to be what most of us Americans do all the time. Not in Guatemala...they are on there own time...Guatemalan time...Not in a Hurry for Anything...Its really kind of nice....unless you are the one waiting.

Curious George letting it all hang out....opps!

Kya Blu's first Peacock!

Soaking up the Sun! No Worries!


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