Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Kya and her TOY STORY!!!!!

Oh I love my Toys....Oh yes its true....Oh I love my Toys....I sure Do!

Oh my My head hurts trying to figure out which toy I want to play with first....My daddy brought some of the toys that everyone has been buying me.

Nana this SMILE is for you.....I am like totally Loving My Uniqua!!!

Hey everyone you see ME...yea that's right My Nana loves me and bought me Uniqua from my favorite cartoon Backyardigans!

My Mom let me save one Kiss just for Uniqua! Usually my mommy takes all my Kisses!

Come here you CRAZY ANIMAL...HURRAY...YOU ARE ALL MINE....thanks to Gia's Aunts....You all are the best!...Big Hugs Straight from Kya Blu to You!

Both my buds...Animal and Uniqua...and my favorite Toy the Gym Holly and Gia gave us...of course I am smiling....does life get any better than this!

Oh must have said a bad word because Kya seems to be trying to get your tongue out to wash it with soap!

Dance with me Uniqua!....I want to be like my Mommy, My Aunt La La and My Aunt Cassie when I grow up...Dancing Queens! hehe

am I seeing double....haha just kidding....You should see the looks I get with Animal riding around with Kya in the stroller...its too funny!


Sandy said...

Candy - I'm so glad your husband brought Animal down for Kya. It looks like she's enjoying him. I hope Kya feels better.
Love, Aunt Sandy

PaPa Murnan said...
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