Thursday, July 20, 2006

Finally My THRONE has Arrived!!!!

Woo Hoo....a purple throne fit for a QUEEN, a PRINCESS wand, and a Daddy who makes all my wishes come true....All in one Day...its true I am least thats what my Mommy tells me!

Finally Together at Last...our 4 family members...mommy, kya, uniqua, and daddy....Good shot daddy!!!


Kya loves to watch Miss Lydia....she helps us keep our room organized and we love her!

I have a throne just like my daddy...but he keeps his in the BATHROOM and throws Tolit Paper in it......hehe

Ky Ky and Da Da watching Shrek 2.....that donkey is too funny DAD!

You see this My Nana bought me a Magic Wand...I wish it could get us out of here!


Dominick's Mommy said...

Kya is just getting cuter and cuter!!! I'm so glad she is better. Take care!

Carrie said...

Hi Candy,

I am Holly's friend. I will be coming down for the "long haul" once we are in PGN. I love looking at your photos and reading your daily stories. I can't wait to come and be with my daughter too. I hope you guys are out of PGN soon! Too bad that magic wand doesn't work!

Kya is precious!

All the best,

PaPa Murnan said...

What a powerful combination...a magic wand and Kya's magic smile. What a way to start out my day! Thanx for the lift. Love ya all.

Aunt LaLa said...

Ok, i can't have Papa showing me up!!! I actually didn't even realize i could post comments!! Imagine that.. ha Miss Kya is adorable I love that striped dress she looks like a little doll in it... I am so glad to see she is feeling a little better.. Miss you guys soo much.. Love, Aunt LaLa