Sunday, August 06, 2006

Playin With Papi!!!

Kya and her Papi had quite a time together....Kya thinks her Daddy is IT...Even when she was sick he had her laughing. Nana was so happy to get to see her laugh....This was the first time she had really laughed and played since they had been here.

Do it again DAD!

Your a Riot Daddy.

Its a bird..Its a Plane...Its SuperGirl!!!

I Love This Game

Passed Out From Playing with Daddy

Hi Dad...I can see myself in your glasses

I adore you Daddy

Grandma Paige says I look like you daddy...

Nana Lovin On Kya....She has not been put down the whole weekend

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PaPa Murnan said...

There is nothing quite like a daddy and his little girl. It is a special relationship that will continue to grow for lifetime. Kya is a lucky little girl for sure and so are the rest of us for being able to enjoy all this fun.