Saturday, August 05, 2006

Daddy, Nana, The Dr. and Eskimo Joe!

We have had a very LONG last few days. Kya Blu got some shots on TUE..and had been running a fever. On THUR...we went to lunch and shopping with Mayra, Patricia, and Marlene. Then Sonja, a friend of mine here who is a translator, took me to a beauty salon to get my hair and nails done. Kya was not acting herself all day but by the evening had a fairly high fever. By the next day when Daddy and Nana got here she was really feeling bad and had not eaten all day. We took her to the Dr......which was quite a ordeal....and found out she has a infection in her throat that will last for at least 7 days. There is no medicine to treat it...but he did give us some throat spray to help with is YUCKY stuff but she was able to get a bottle down last night. She is still having a hard time eating and is in a lot of pain. Thank goodness her Daddy and Nana are here to help me right now.

Nana was so happy to see Kya...she was crying when they touched down on Guatemalan soil.

Nana getting Kya's Kissey kisses.

Here I am Nana trying to say "hey Nana my throat hurts"

You see me Nana, I big I can take my passy out of my mouth and put it back in.

Oh Boy that's my Daddy...I love his whiskers!

Nana, Where are your whiskers? hehe

Christmas in August for Kya Blu....Nana brought a suit case full of Goodies for KiKi and Kya. Thank you Nana for all my toys, blankets, and clothes. Thank you Grandma Paige for my Eskimo Joe's hat and doll. Thank you Auntie Carroll for my Princess crown, hat, shoes for Her Royal Highness. Thank you MeMe for my Mommy's Flip Flops.

After opening all my presents I needed a nap.

Oh Grandma Paige...What would Grandpa Paige think about OU losing their Quarterback and you have switched to the other side and bought me Eskimo Joe...from Stillwater...I love my Eskimo Joe he is so soft and he has a funny face.

This butterfly is great Nana...I can Hold it and Chew on it and it makes cute noises.

Nana teaching Kya...GO COWBOYS!!!


Kya's Daddy said...
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Kya's Daddy said...

Daddy is so worried about you. It is so hard on me to see you not well. I am doing any and everything I can to get you and Mommy home. I will always move heaven and earth to make all your dreams come true. You have certainly given my life purpose. I love you more and more each day. You are all ready feeling how wonderful your Mommy is and I am so thankful for you that you were able to spend this time with her. I Love You Doodle Bug.

Waiting For Baby! said...

I hope the little dear feels better, SOON! She is simply sweet as pie. I hope YOU get some rest, too!

Carrie said...

Hi Candy,

Sorry to hear that Kya isn't feeling well. You feel so helpless when you can't help them. I am glad you have people around to help and support you. How wonderful! Enjoy their visit!
Glad you posted some photos.

Take care,

PaPa Murnan said...

Kya Blu you make the world a brighter place with your presence and our family is so proud you are ours. We are all praying for you to feel better and our God is an awesome God so we know this too will pass and soon you will be with us and our lives will never be the same. We love you (but remember our secret...PaPa loves you most).

Sandy said...

Hi Candy.
That poor little girl - I hope she feels better soon. Good thing she has you and her daddy there to take care of her.
Love, Gia's Aunt Sandy

The McKenzie Crew said...

Oh My Goodness! We are so sad you are sick Kya Blu! We are also sad we did not get to see you and your Momma before we left town. We are praying you guys get out soon and get home where you belong!Keep in touch and know our thoughts are with you and we are praying Kya FEELS BETTER SOON!

Hang in there Mom!

Julia, Bryan, Juliana, Curtis, Mac, Erin, and John-Bryan