Sunday, August 06, 2006

Eskimo Joe's takes over Guatemala

Oh Yes, Nana is here and she is pointing Kya in the Pistol Pete direction. We have had a good time even though Kya has been sick. Nana did not mind...she got more cuddle time with Kya..since we had to stay pretty confined to the Hotel. Kya is feeling a bit better and she is taking her bottle now.

Together Again

Daddy, Kya, Eskimo Joe and Buffy...

More sepia for Pa Pa

My Lashes and My Hair keep getting longer and longer

All ready to go to the Orange Peel...and cheer on the OSU cowboys!

Daddys Doodle Bug

I will never let go of my Bunny even when I am asleep

I love your whiskers Daddy!

That baby on your shirt sure looks a lot like me...NaNa...

Mommy Loves you forever Kya Blu


Anonymous said...

Hey there! printed sat & sun pics and took them to grandmom P. she sure liked them...all is fine here..still those pics and ya bunches........clf

Carrie said...

Hi Candy,

Glad Kya is better and could play with Daddy and Nana. Your hubby is like mine with his little girl--totally wrapped around his finger.

I love the shirt! Where did you have it made?

Have fun! Love all the pictures!


PaPa Murnan said...

Kya Blu is following in her daddy's footsteps...when he was just a baby I taught him the OSU arm wave and how to say "Beat OU". He later became the only guy in the Sigma Chi house in Stillwater who would root for OU against the Pokes..What went wrong? Kya I am counting on you to bring your dad back around to Orange Power.