Friday, August 11, 2006

Kya and her Amigos

Today we went to the Westin for the first time...It is Very Nice and I love the Pool. We hung out with our friends Laurie and Sam...this was the first time Laurie and I had met in person. She helped me with my decision to use my agency back in March. She also has a daughter and two sons adopted from Russia....we really enjoyed our time with them.

Romeo and Juliete....oh wait that's Sam and Kya....My friend Laurie is here to visit. She adopted Sam last year through my agency and used Mayra as well.
and Holly, Candy and Stephanie who are cracking up at Mia's grandpa who is the "dancing prop man" for this photo shoot. Congrats to Steph who took Maya home the next day!
Out Friend Sonja...she took us to the hair salon and helped me when Kya was sick.
Patricia, Marlene, Kya and Candy....This is Kya's foster family. They wanted to see Kya and were so shocked at how Grande she is now.
Kya, Marlene, Patricia and Mayra....we went to lunch at far my favorite place to eat down tastes just like home.
Miss Lydia and Kya Blu....Oh if Miss Lydia only new how much we will miss her when we leave. She is a wonderful girl and I pray that God blesses her and her son.
Candy, Velveth and Kya....Velveth is not going to know what to do when we leave we talk on the phone and see each other almost every day....


The McKenzie Crew said...

You are doing such a great job with Kya. She looks so good. She is a beautiful healty baby girl! I hope you are feeling better Candy. We are praying you get good news soon!!:)

Love Y'all
The Crew
Julia, Bryan. Juliana, Curtis, Mac, Erin, and John-Bryan

Anonymous said...

Nana says: My how time flies! I was only there a brief time but I too will miss Velveth & Lydia. They are 2 very special and loving women. I appreciate their friendship and care for my 2 girls who are far away in a foreign country. Truly, love knows no boundries! xoxox to Velveth & Lydia

Anonymous said...

Nana says: What about Malibu? ha!