Friday, August 11, 2006

Good Price For You...haha

Kind of a downer day today...the PGN rush seems to have already slowed down...These are the last of the pictures from last weekend. Daddy will be here in a few hours so hopefully I will get a chance to post all the pictures from the last three days.


NaNa and Kya hanging out by the Pool

We looked all over the Marriott for a sign that said we could get a picture by it in our Eskimo Joes shirts.....They told mom to mail in a pic of Kya in her outfit next to a Guatemala sign for Joes all over the world...this is after Grandma Paige showed them all Kya's Pictures...This was all we could find...the shuttle sign...O well

If you have ever stayed here at the Marriott you know these too ladies from the gift shop...well they love playing with Kya and she thinks they are quite funny too...

They just told her "good price for you my friend" she knows better and thinks it is tooooooFunny...hehe

Some of Nana's last precious moments with the KyKy

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Dominick's Mommy said...

That is too funny, I so remember the ladies at the gift shop saying, "Hello My Friend, Thank you My Friend, Buenas Dias My Friend". I can hear those words so clearly with their cute little spanish accents.