Friday, August 11, 2006

Daddy and Nana's last day in Guatemala

Well I am still posting pics from Kya's daddy and Nana's visit trip....I am really slow this week.

I want to say CONGRATULATIONS to all my friends and forum friends who got out of PGN over the last few days. It seems the flood gate has opened. I am praying we come through that gate today....and drag Holly and Gia along with us. I am also praying that Jana and Jenna get back in the PGN lake very soon. There were 9 outs on my forum on WED and 18 on my forum yesterday and another 3 outs from friends not on my forum. That makes 30 outs I know of in the last two days.

Oh, what a dining experience...we went to a steak house and NO ONE there spoke any English.

3 generations

this is overlooking Antigua...we had to squeeze in some shopping in Antigua the last day

Over looking Antigua and the Volcano....Love the Cross

This picture is for my friend ALICIA and is a" inside funny" that happened to us once. She really needs a smile and your prayers right now. Her Dad had a heart attack this week and is in a coma. .............................Hey, La La, is that a family hanging out the back of that truck....hey wait it really is this time. Right after we saw this we passed a Yota...truck too....I was cracking up!

Our Friend and Driver Hugo...Dropping us back off at our home away from home.


PaPa Murnan said...

It is always great to log on and see new pixs of Kya Blu and her groupies. Is my granddaughter just adorable or what? Kya, remember our secret.

MrsLFC said...

Candy, I have been checking your blog like a crazy person to see if y'all have gotten out of PGN yet. With the enormous number of people that have gotten out over the past couple of days, I feel sure that you/Kya and Holly/Gia are next!! Keep me posted. Praying for lots more outs today!! Cati and Gus's mami, Abby

Our Adoption Process said...

Candy, Let the gates open for me too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
If I do not get out soon, we will be coming to the Marriott Sept1st-5th!

See you soon!


PS Kya is so CUTE!!!

Where do I buy bows??


Angel said...

I am so happy for everyone getting out of PGN. I too have been checking on you and Holly&Gia. Hoping you are both out soon. Hugo took us to Antigua too. He was great! :0) Angel

Waiting For Baby! said...

Your turn is coming!!! From the comments on your blog, it seems that she has got a lot of family waiting to see her!!! Good luck =)