Monday, August 21, 2006

Ma Ma Ma Ma....YEA Kya

Ok now I can't get my words to center...BUT WHO CARES...KYA SAID MA MA MA MA TONIGHT AND THAT IS PRETTY MUCH ALL THAT MATTERS IN THE WORLD...RIGHT? She must have known that after our 3rd PGN KO I needed a Bright Spot to this day...I had my back to her at the computer and she was getting aggravated because she wanted my attention..ALL OF THE TIME....and out it came...I was so excited I jumped up and grabbed her and she was laughing and kicking her feet...I said Good Girl...and she smiled so big...Now I know why I made this decision to Foster...I wouldn't miss these moments for anything in the world

Hey Mommy I am going to say Ma Ma Ma Ma soon...don't you worry.

Yes I loved my out my toes are drying...this chair is just like being at the salon

Painted KyKy's Toes can you believe I waited this long to do it...we were getting pretty for Daddy

Mommy is SO happy she got her Old Navy order for Me... Kya...they have a Rock Star line now. Yup she bought it all...

Waiting on daddy or "sleeping in the rain" instead of singing in the rain"


Carrie said...


Glad to see you back to yourself. I love her toes. I want to do that to Savannah when I am there. How gorgeous!

Does Old Navy deliver to Guatemala?

Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Nana say: That toenail polish would look oh so much better ORANGE! To match the new ORANGE hairband & bow Nana got her OOOO SSSS UUUU! Cowboys! xoxox

Jenny and Matt said...

Hey Candy! My husband and I are coming to visit our daughter for the first time next week! We will be staying at the Marriott. Do you need anything from the US brought down? Hope to meet you and Kya while we're there

Waiting For Baby! said...

The toes look fantastic Kya!!!

Is it possible for you to get out of PGN before the 6 wk mark?