Monday, August 14, 2006

I love you so much....I wish I could just stick you in my SUITCASE!

Kya and Her Daddy are two of a kind!!! Kya is so in love with her Daddy. It was so sweet, he got in at 11pm on Friday night and she was already asleep. So when she woke up for her 5am feeding he came over to feed her. When he took the bottle from me she blinked her eyes. I guess she got a glimps of her daddy because those big brown eyes shot open and she started giggling and rubbing all over his face. I could tell that it really meant so much to Shawn and made the four airports, three plane changes and 16 hours getting here to see us TOTALLY worth it. She stayed up for two hours just playing with her dad...when he got up to go to the bathroom...she was NOT HAPPY and cried and cried until he came back to the bed. Her poor Daddy had the hardest time leaving gets harder each time...He so just wants to put her in his suitcase and head for think he would make it through security...what % of the human body is made up of liquid? hehe.

Perfect Fit...I am getting so big I hope we don't go over the weight limit!

This is pretty fun there are all kinds of things for me to play with in here; mommy and daddy think its pretty funny they keep laughing at me and I LOVE ATTENTION!

Oh Daddy stay with me FOREVER!!!!!!

What are these crazy parents of mine up to now and why do they think this is SO FUNNY!

When my Daddy walks in the room..My eyes sparkle like diamonds.

5am...enough the way my hair and my cheeks look like daddy in this picture.


Holly G. said...

HAHAHA!!! Go look at my blog!!! I posted a picture of Gia in my suitcase, too. Great minds must think alike.

We can't wait to see you guys tomorrow.

:)Holly and Gia

PaPa Murnan said...

KBAM, you know your PaPa loves you most but it looks like second place is beginning to get a little crowded. You are just the best little princess and we are sooo looking forward to holding you when you get home.

The McKenzie Crew said...

You guys make me want to cry - I am praying you and holly get out soon!! I know it is hard - but we are all pulling for you with both hands and feet:)! If you guys come up with a plan - I will sneak down and help!- maybe we could break into PGN and find out what the heck is going on - anyway - we hope you are home soon!!!!!!!!!

The Crew
Bryan, Julia, Juliana, Curtis, Mac, Erin and John-Bryan:)

Waiting For Baby! said...

A girl is never too young for diamonds, let her Daddy know that!