Wednesday, August 02, 2006

All I want is some BUNNY to Love

This thing is wearing me slick....I have tried all day to post pictures with no luck....But finally here they are, Kya is so totally in love with her BUNNY...I think this is going to be her "thing". She has to have her when she sleeps and when she wakes up she is sooooo cute she just loves on him and kisses him and chews on him...hehe. It is so sweet to watch, I tried to capture this to share with you all...

Hangin in my Hop and Pop

Just waking up and Loving My Bunny

Kiss for my Bunny

Hug and holding hands with my Bunny.

WEIRD just the way I like it....this is my fruit this morning...I don't know what that purple stuff is but it was good...kinda like a beet and a kiwi mixed....the stranger the better.


Waiting For Baby! said...

Blogger drives me nuts trying to post pictures. Its much easier to upload the pictures to and then copy the tag info into blogger.

Anonymous said...

Nana say: Kya's look says it all--I Gotta Have Some Bunny to Love--da da da--hmm hmm hmm--always singin!!

Anonymous said...

Nana say: Ok where's the PaPa?? These are way 2 cute to not have a PaPa comment!

PaPa Murnan said...

Kya Blu you will be happy to know that PaPa is soft like a bunny and can't wait for you to cover him up with those sweet kisses. He loves you most, you know.