Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Hot Rod Lincoln...

Driving Miss Kya....She Loves this walker...even though she is still a little too short for it. Sophia is the proud owner of this Hot Rod and you should see her cruise around in it...she keeps heading for the front doors...I think she is looking for the shuttle to the airport...because she is long over due to get OUT OF HERE... But Guess what? This time she gets to take a ride on a jet airliner and come home with her parents....Yipeeeee. Congrats to Ron and Robin

Kya and Sophia...this is actually Sophia's ride but she is a sweetie and let Kya take a spin....too bad Kya is stuck in PARK...her feet don't touch the floor.
The Long and Winding Road
You can't be serious...
dreaming of a lollipop...but for now my fist will do
switching gears...vromm vromm
Getting ready for the Indy 500...you want to race me Dad?
beep beep..beep beep the car went beep beep beep..


Anonymous said...

Nana says: Tu Tu Cute!! How did she know Nana likes this song too? Does Nana need to bring her a crash helmet?? Ha!

Ana's Mama said...

What Dolls you have!!!!

PaPa Murnan said...

Who is that mystery lady in the convertible cruzin the parkway? Wait, I know that smile and those dimples...yes, it's Kya Blu