Friday, August 25, 2006


Please go to the link below to see Kya Blu "Almost Famous at Eskimo Joe's"
Mommy is so proud...maybe we will make it in the Catalog too!

We also made it back into PGN on August 23rd
This Squirrel is for you GRANDMA and the late GRANDPA PAIGE...I bought Kya these PJ's because they make me think of all the time I have spent watching Squirrels with you. Oh and the time you let me have a pet Squirrel...
Oh I am as Beautiful as mommy says I am....Mirror Mirror on the wall who is the cutest girl of them all...KYA
Squirreling around while mommy trying to get a good photo
YOU its YOU that I love Daddy
Mommy there is a baby that looks like ME in this thing!


The McKenzie Crew said...

We are so happy to hear your good news! Kya is blessed to have sweet Daddy AND Mommy!!

Andrea said...

I love the Eskimo Joe pics. Too cute! Congrats on getting back into PGN! That's wierd to say, but I am sure you know we're all hoping and praying you guys get to go home soon!

Tera said...

Hiya Candy and Kya!

Way cool Eskimo Joe pics. I do pray that you are out of PGN SOON!! What another visit with Kya's the Rock Star duds. Hang in there. I know that you have waited for a long time. God bless.

Carrie said...

Hi Candy,

Love the website with Joe's. That is so cute!

Glad you had a nice visit with Daddy and so happy you are back in PGN!

Fingers and toes crossed for you for good news soon!

Carrie :)

PaPa Murnan said...

What great Joe's pix. They will surely put Kya in the catalog because it is quite obvious she is a perfect model. The only problem would be that everyone would be so captivated with her natural beauty they might overlook the outfits. Did you notice how advanced she looks? That's my granddaughter who knows I love her most.