Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Moving past day 90 and missing my go home date goal!

Feeling a bit BLU...we have now been here 90 days as of the 15th and my target...(Oh did I say TARGET....man I miss that store) date to go home is tomorrow. Which would have been MY NANA Pauline's Birthday. August 17th. Also I have heard of no one getting out of PGN this week. PLEASE let us out and let it be tomorrow...Oh boy Kya just found her DADDY voice behind me...LOUD and is screeching...she has only taken 3...20 minute naps today...she usually takes 2....2 hour naps. She has had company for two days now. Gia was here yesterday and Jenna today. She loves being with her friends...just like her mommy!

Kya has a new Jade bracelet her Daddy bought her.
Orange I cute?
Hey this Holly Chick is pretty funny...hehe
Gia getting some Hair...Animal getting a FRO....poor boy got a spin in the dryer
I am sure she is thinking of cheese fries and the fowl thing chicken sandwich...with orange marmalade....eat at Joes!


Carrie said...


I don't know if it makes you feel any better, but a friend of mine got out today and I saw one other on the Yahoo boards. At least it is two and yesterday was a holiday.

Sorry you are BLU! Kya isn't! Just looking at that face makes you smile:)

Glad you and Kya had fun with Holly and Gia. Savannah and I are looking forward to joining you girls if you don't mind.

Have a good day and hoping for some good news. Savannah will be 5 months tomorrow, so it is a lucky day!

Carrie :)

The McKenzie Crew said...

Hey girly girls!
Kya gets more beautiful all the time - ahe is absolutely gorgeous!
Hang in there guys - good news is on the way I can feel it!
It always seems darkest right before the dawn:):):)

The McKenzie Crew Is Praying For You Guys!

ginger said...

Kya is beautiful!! You will be home soon.


PaPa Murnan said...

My granddaughter is so beautiful and so advanced. Even the doctor noted how advanced she is for her age. Duh..I could have told him that, and I didn't have to wait five months to figure it out either. Kya, remember your PaPa loves you most.

Sandy said...

Is your hubby there? Is that why there aren't any new posts? My Kya withdrawal is starting again.
Love, Gia's Aunt Sandy