Tuesday, August 01, 2006

The Big Cheese!

BOY OH BOY...I am sorry I did not post for 2 days but the blogger would not download my pictures....it was a bit frustrating...so I have a few posts to post today...Today we are going to the doctor. Kya has to get some Immunizations. DADDY'S GIRL woke mommy up at 6 am today...but that's OK we got to watch Sesame Street for the 1st time...in Spanish of course...Don't forget to sign my GuestBook...it is on the side under links....Thanks for all of you that took the time to sign it already...and Thanks to my Sweet Hubby..who added the lily time line at the top...showing how big our Kya is getting. By the way I got good news last night, a friend of mine who has been in PGN since NOV 2005 and who has had 6 kick outs...got OUT OF PGN yesterday...and will be here tomorrow....Congrats David and Joshua!

Self Portrait...

I wanna hold your Hand...first day actually strapped in the stroller...she did great!

Did you hear Bob Barker got in an Accident?.


HAHAHA boy howdy that's a knee slapper....this is just a joke so don't wig out Aunt Cassie...hehe

This is where I hang out while my mom takes a shower...it barely fits in the bathroom with her.



On a serious note...

dimples dimples dimples


PaPa Murnan said...

There is just no better way to start the day than with a slide show of Kya Blu. It would put a smile on anyone's face especially her PaPa who loves her most!

Anonymous said...

Nana say: Looks more like Twist N Shout to me--She loves you yeah, yeah, yeah!!! Gotta keep the songs goin---Imagine!

Aunt LaLa said...

Love those PJ's, so glad after 4 years we finally get to see them on a baby!! ha Love her smile!! She gets cuter by the day!!!

Anna H. said...

Hey Candy!

It's Anna from Los Angeles -- I'm Jen's friend who came down with her to meet Pearl. Jen just told me about your blog and now I'll be checking it daily.

Kya is, as always, beautiful -- that smile!

And I'm thrilled to hear that David will be taking Joshua home soon!