Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Whistle While We Work!

We Decided that if the crib was ever going to get used we needed to move it into our bedroom. So Kya and her Daddy took it apart and moved it into our room. Kya was pretty excited that Daddy let her play with his Tools. We also had to lower it because she is standing and climbing now. We hung her mobile and she loves it so much she keeps pulling it down to give it a few BITES...hehe. I have started putting her in it for her naps and have tried to put her in it at night..HAHA...She stands in it and hollers MAMA...MAMA...MAMA...MAMA! So for now I still have a Bed BUG in my bed.

Hey DADDY...What are you doing? Can I give you a hand?

YIPEEE Daddy is letting me help...I feel like Bob the Builder woking with Tim theTool Man Taylor HAHA!

See Daddy you do it like this!

So Far So GOOD....

Passed out after a long day of WORK!!!
Maybe not so GOOD anymore...You all don't expect me to sleep in here do you?
I thought this crib was for me to PLAY IN not SLEEP IN
Who are these Critters hanging out in my crib?
I Love standing UP now!!!


ginger said...

She will sleep there soon enough. Then you will miss your little "bug" in the bed with you. I just love her dimples.

The McKenzie Crew said...



Kerry said...

Keep us posted on the transition. We're going to have the same issue. Oh, and every girl should know how to use go girly!

Rhonda Perry said...

Kya you have your mommy and daddy whooped!!! But really, how hard is it to do with a face like that. You're a cutie pie. I love tools too.

Natalie said...

Love that picture of her sleeping! Just so sweet!

soltana said...

sooo cute!!! I love the tool pictures.. I bet she was a big help to daddy!!
Love soltana

Cassie said...

Go Shawn! That pic is too cute. I didn't know leaving a comment on here was so easy since I had a blog already. Why didn't you tell me this. The sheets and mobile bring back memories awww. sleep tight Kya.