Friday, December 29, 2006

Kya meets her Grandpa Kerby

Happy 6th Anniversary Mommy and Daddy
On December 23rd, which is our 6th marriage anniversary, we took Kya Blu to meet her Grandpa Kerby. We had a ceremony for my Pa and we presented him with his brothers medals from the war. His brother died in the war and they just now found his belongings. It was a great day getting to introduce Kya to another side of my family. That night we went to Sho-gun to celebrate our anniversary.

Hi Grandpa Kerby....It's so nice to finally meet you

Cuddles for Grandpa Kerby

My cousin Dustin is very silly

My Pa already nicknamed me DIMPLES!!!
My Mommy's Bubby giving me Hugs
My Brother Clint and his wife Mick with Kya Blu
Let me tell you somethings about your dad Tallon....first of all he dances like a white boy, second he can't make Catsup streach, and third one time he put sweet breath in his eye instead of eye drops....Tallon is Kya's Cousin he is 3 years old Our neighbors Jan and Randy came over to spend Christmas Eve with us. This is there daughter Savanna and Kya Blu wearing her 1st Santa hat.


Anonymous said...

Tooo Cooooll!
Did not know you had a brother!

Have ya read about our BIG NEWS???????


Crystal said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO YOU AND YOUR HUBBY!!!!!!--6 years how sweet!!!

I love Kya's pink leopard outfit in these pictures!!!! sooo adorable!!!!

Nichole...aka Mia's Mommy said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! We had ours in July and it feels surreal, isn't it nice having a wedding in 2000, the men can never get wrong how long they have been

I too LOVE the pink leapard outfit, too cute, and Dimples fit Kya perfectly.


Holly G. said...

G and Kya have alot of the same outfits. Also, how do you get her to stay still to put the pigtails in???

I was just looking back at pictures of the good old days when little Miss Kya weighed only 8 pounds. Oh, how they grow.

We miss you guys and tell Shawn thanks for the great comment on my blog today:)

Stephanie said...

Happy Anniversary!! It was a special year for ya'kl, I know!! :>)

Kya is precious as always! I still can't get over those dimples!!

Stacey said...

What great pics! Kya is so happy and has such a great personality! Miss her!