Thursday, December 21, 2006

Santa Baby

Here are a few Santa Baby Pictures and some pictures of our house decorated for Christmas. Rhonda I posted the pictures I took of our Christmas decor this year for can kind of see my house in them. We did not put up a tree this year....we are tree users...haha! We do Christmas morning at Shawn's sisters so we use there tree.
BIG OLE YAWN....getting pretty Tired while waiting on Santa!
Give me TOYS...or a big ole hand full of Santa hair
Jingle Bells Jingle Bells....Santa Clause is coming to town
Oh a present for little ole me....why, thank you Santa
Angel Baby...where are those wise men?
Angels we have heard on high
Our Dining Room...My Grandma made these Elfs and finally gave them to me last year.
SNOWMEN....what attracted Kya to the stairs...

I trade out these canvas's all day to keep her interested..
My Guatemalan Christmas Decor....Thinking of you Maria Izabel, PePe and Velveth.
Candy Cane Lane
Snowmen in my Kitchen...


Anonymous said...

Your house is just beautiful, so cozy, and such a lovelly decoration! What can I say about Kya's pictures, it was such a wonderfull day, and she is lovelly in every single picture, such a princess.
And your Angel...jajaja...I also think of you everytime I see it. Our big shopping day, jaja, with the $12 toys...jaja.
Maria Izabel & Pepe

Anonymous said...

Your house is just so beautiful!

ginger said...

Kya is sooooo cute!!! Your house looks great.

Jenny and Matt said...

Merry Christmas to Kya, Candy and family!!!!

Andrea said...

I love the yawning one, and the first angel picture. SO cute!!

Merry Christmas to you all!! I know this is going to be an amazing year!!

Rhonda Perry said...

Kya- you are a lovely little Santa Baby!

Candy- Your house is beautiful! I could fit my whole house in your GIANT playpen. Love it!!!