Saturday, December 23, 2006

Kya joins Sigfried and Roy

Kya had quite a Blast the other night up in the theater room. I gave her Miriah's two stuffed tigers to play with....or more like wrestle with.

Watch me pull a WHITE TIGER out of my hat

Calm down's alright this Cheeta has already been stuffed so he won't bite my hand off

Come on Cheeta the game is Patty Cake...Don't you know it?

Good Tiger

Hi DAD....mommy is letting me play with WILD ANIMALS now!!! I fit right in.

Throw it in the pan
Pass me the Football Dad...
Kya gets the TIGER by the TAIL
or I could use it for a microphone


The McKenzie Crew said...

hahahahahahahahahaha!You crack me up Candy!She is getting so big - it makes me sad! They just grow up soooo fast - just look at Erin - that will be Kya before you know it! Enjoy every second - they pass quickly - glad you guys are home for Christmas and I hope it is your best ever!

ginger said...

That is too cute.

Holly G. said...

Hey, she could have come over to my house last night to sing karaoke. She would have rocked the house.

Anonymous said...

What a bundle of cute she is. Could you kiss her an extra hundred times for me since I can't reach Minnie Mindy Mouse from here?